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Tension in family life is most common problems and result is talaq, to avoid talaq you can use “Quranic Dua To Save A Marriage”. A successful marriage is falling in love with the same person several times. But what happens when that person does not reciprocate their attachment to the partner. What will you do when the person is not trustworthy or is a fraud? The solution is divorce or separation.

But in India, many helpless women do not have such a strong support system to end their marriage. They are just bound to stay with their husbands, keeping mum about their unhappiness and unfavorable outcomes. For these unfortunate women, there is always a “dua to save a marriage happy”, ensuring to bring fortune in their lives.

The tranquility state of an unhappy woman in a marriage is possible with the “quranic dua to save the marriage”. As Allah has ordered us to keep our marriage and relationships, this powerful dua will bring immense happiness to the lives of unfortunate women.

Step By Step Information about Quranic Dua To Save A Marriage

The steps of performing the dua are as follows –

  • After doing your prayer, do Wudu properly.
  • You have to recite “Surah-ar-Rahman three times.
  • Recite Durood Sharif after that.
  • Read aloud the image of the dua about hundred times.
  • The final step is praying to Allah and saying to save your marriage from divorce.

This very powerful dua will make your marital life strong and happy. You can achieve a successful and happy marriage by following these steps for one week. For getting quick results, contact an experienced molana near you.

Dua To Keep A Marriage Happy - Love Forever

Dua To Keep A Marriage Happy – Love Forever

Dua To Keep A Marriage Happy – Love Forever

Several people take more time to plan their wedding than their marriage. The food, dress, venue decor, and gifts of marriage are more prioritized than the quality, feelings, and ideology of the person with whom you are getting married. But mostly, we see that many people get the wrong partners. Hence they are not satisfied and unhappy. Even after thirty years of marriage, some people do not have any understanding of each other. So they feel claustrophobic in their wedlock. This results in separation or divorce.

With the “dua to protect marriage”, you can spend your life happily with your partner. It is essential to know the “quranic dua to save marriage” from divorce in Islam. This powerful dua will make the relationship with your partner rock solid. One must follow specific steps of the dua to prevent marriage’s dangers.

Step by step guide about Dua To Keep A Marriage Happy

  • After taking a shower, you have to perform wuzu.
  • You must silently read surah Yasin for seven consecutive times at a stretch.
  • After that, you have to blow seven separate almonds with your right-hand palm in a simultaneous manner.
  • You can prepare a sweet dish with those almonds and tell your partner to eat it.
  • You can also tell your partner to have the almonds raw.

After that, you have to perform wuzu, Isha, and lastly, you recite Durood Shareef eleven times. This dua will protect your marriage and make it happy.

Dua To Protect Marriage - Save Marriage

Dua To Protect Marriage – Save Marriage

Dua To Protect Marriage – Save Marriage

When a boy or girl attains the age of marriage, their families only see some specific points. The groom must be rich, or the bride’s parents must be well. The boy has to be handsome, or the girl has to be beautiful. No one looks at their compatibility or how much they can understand each other.

The hilarious part of marriage is if a girl is an architect, she will look for a technically sound boy or an engineer. But does that mean that their marriage is perfect? Can you judge a book by its cover? Most of these kinds of weddings do not long last forever. A happy marriage lies in trust, understanding, and patience. Love is essential for a happy marriage, but not everyone can attain it in their relationship. we have another way to solve marriage problems called Surah Baqarah For Marriage Problems.

There is an excellent solution for making your relationship strong. The “dua to strengthen marriage” will make your marital life wonderful. There are some simple steps to follow for the “quranic dua to save a marriage”

Step By Step Guide About Dua To Protect Marriage

  • Surat-al-Nas, Surat-al-Falaq, and Surah-al-Ikhlas must be recited at the dawn and dusk time for three times. You can also read aloud the last two lines of Surah Baqarah.
  • You have to read aloud the Surah Yasin seven times.
  • Every day you have to recite the dua Surah-an-Nisa seven times.

This will make you peaceful from the inside and spread peace in your house with your partner.

Dua To Strengthen Marriage - Improve Marriage

Dua To Strengthen Marriage – Improve Marriage

Dua To Strengthen Marriage – Improve Marriage

Nowadays, most marriages occur due to motives. Like a boy or a girl gets married because he or she is beautiful. The boy or girl is very rich or escaping from the present situation are some examples of motives for getting married. In Islam, most parents marry off their daughters as soon as their studies get over. The “quranic dua to save a marriage” is very effective and makes a person’s life peaceful.

Some people marry off their daughters to grooms who are 7-8 years older than the brides. An unhappy marriage has many misunderstandings, domestic violence, marital rape, etc. However, marriages can be saved from divorce or separation in Islam.

Some tips on Dua To Strengthen Marriage are as follows – 

  • Before reading aloud the dua of stopping a divorce, you must do wudu properly.
  • You have to trust Allah and do the dua with complete dedication to stop your divorce.
  • While performing the dua, you must keep your partner in mind.
  • Allah will always answer all your prayers, so be patient.
  • You have to perform this dua in the direction of Kaaba.
  • Now You must strictly not perform black magic while doing this Dua To Strengthen Marriage.
  • Then You have to do this dua in the correct Halal way.

If you follow the above steps for dua, you will definitely get good harmony and peace with the person you want.


How To Avoid Divorce In Islam?

Ans. Marriages are made in heaven. Many people believe this line and blindly marry a stranger, thinking they are the right one. But when this belief gets shattered that marriage is not a fairy-tale, a girl or boy feels like breaking the marriage. A divorce usually occurs due to cheating, domestic violence, and impotence in the groom. Hence you can use “quranic dua to save the marriage”. It would help if you were also thinking of “what dua I can read to save my marriage”. Here are some dua which you can follow –

  • After bathing at midnight, do wuzu and read the Tahajjud in a quiet room. Then you can read aloud the Surah Yaseen. After that you have to say Subhan Allah, Alhamdulilah and Allahu Akbar thirty-three times each.
  • After doing wudu, you must wear neat and clean clothes to do Zohar. Then you can take some fragrant flowers in a bowl or prepare a sweet dish. Then from Surah Ahzab, you must read the Ayat forty times. After doing these, you can give the sweet dish to your partner. You can also make them smell the flowers. You have to repeat this quranic dua for a week.
  • When you do Fajr prayers on Wednesday mornings, read Durood Shareef eleven times aloud. After that, you can read an appropriate verse around hundred times. You can finish the Wazifa by reciting Durood Shareef eleven times.

What Dua Can I Read To Save My Marriage?

Ans. God has chosen and selected a partner for each person. But, our mind does not accept it and thus questions it. Marriage should not be carried out to fulfilling your family’s or your purpose. Make God your mentor because you have to fulfill his purpose of marrying someone reserved by God itself. But most of the time, people make mistakes by choosing the wrong partner and hence get deceived for life. This follows with separation or divorce. However, divorce can be avoided in Islam by dua.

The “quranic dua to save marriage” can prevent your marital relationship from breaking if followed wholeheartedly. There are some steps which you must carry out to destroy your problems, which are –

  • On a Wednesday morning, you have to do Fajr, then Durood Shareef about eleven times. They recite a verse about a hundred times. Then you have to finish the Wazifa by doing Durood Shareef eleven times. Then you must pray to Allah, asking for his help to stop your divorce.
  • You have to do Zohr after completing fresh Wuzu. Read aloud a proper Ayat from Surah Ahzab about forty times. Then take some fresh flowers in a bowl and keep some sweets beside it. Then you have to blow the flowers over the sweets and make your partner eat the sweet or smell the flowers. Do this for a week.

Doing this dua can save your marriage and strengthen your relationship.

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