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Dua For One Sided Love
Dua For One Sided Love

Dua For One Sided Love

Dua For One Sided Love, Love has never been an easy feeling. Especially, when you feel it for someone and find out that the other person is either not aware of your feelings or doesn’t acknowledge it. of all the physical pain, this sorrow of heart is the most traumatizing one. When you fall in love with someone,

Dua For One Sided Love
Dua For One Sided Love

the days and nights become lonely, until you have the company of your beloved. What is worse than the more you pine for your beloved the more you lose interest in yourself. There have been cases where people have given up life because they couldn’t get the love of their beloved.

Allah never wants his children to die in vain. Definitely not for love, which is one of the most beautiful feeling, meant to alleviate us from our mundane life experiences. Which is why Allah has given us the dua for one-sided love.

Dua for unrequited love

If you are unable to approach your beloved and express your love, then the dua for unrequited love will make your wishes come true. By performing the dua , you ask of Allah to come to your rescue. And there is nothing impossible for Allah, the all-powerful.

However, before you perform the dua for unrequited love, you must be honest to yourself. Ask yourself if the one you love is the right person for you. Ask yourself if you are the right person for your beloved. Find out if your beloved bears feelings for someone else. If so, then you will have a tough decision to make. Whether you will honor your love or the love of your beloved.

Often the heart strays and craves for someone who doesn’t belong to us or someone who is already taken. In such cases, you will have to ask yourself if pursuing that kind of love will bring happiness to you and your beloved.

Make One Sided Love Successful

Forcing a love might get you into a relationship, but it will never get you the love you seek. Love should not breed any negative emotions in you. If so, you can be assured what you consider love is just a make belief and in fact is really your lust.

Think of love as the mirror in which you can see Allah. Love alleviates you to the level of Allah himself. Allah, after all, is all love and nothing else. So, if your love transforms you to be a kinder and better human being, then that love is good for you. If however, it instigates you to do wrong things, then that love is a Shaitaan’s way of luring you on the path of evil.

Love is pure when it is not forced and Love is purposeful when it transforms you to become a better person. Strong Love is meaningful when it provides care and comfort to your beloved.

If you have given considerable thought to the above concerns and yet strongly feel that you deserve the love of your beloved, then go ahead and use the dua for one-sided love.May Allah grant you all your wishes.


When a heart is immersed in love, its every beat is a prayer itself. Yet, there is a specific dua that you can recite as often as you can –




The ritual to be followed for the dua for one-sided love is as given below:

  1. Firstly, cleanse yourself from head to toe. Wear fresh new white clothes. Love is all about purity.
  2. Offer your regular 5 namaaz every day.
  3. Then depending upon when it suits you, the wazifa given above can be recited as often as possible.
  4. After the namaaz, offer two RaqaatNafal, preferably in Tahajjud if possible.
  5. Then recite the Darood Shareef, 9 times continuously.
  6. After it recite the Surah Fatiha, 51 times continuously.
  7. Then chant – “Inn AllaahYusmiuuManyashaauu”, 41 times continuously.
  8. Finally conclude the ritual, by reciting Darood Shareef, 9 times continuously.

Ideally, you will see the result instantly. Your beloved will be a transformed person, who will not just appreciate your love but also give love back to you. And this transformation will show within weeks.

Islamic dua for one sided love

Yet, it is understandable that the heart craving for love cannot keep patience. If in spite of doing the islamic dua for one sided love, you are not seeing the result, then you will need a more guided approach to perform the islamic dua for one sided love in the right way.

If for any reason you don’t see your beloved showing any sign of transformation, then it’s time to come clean in front of Allah. Approach your local Moulvi who will guide you to the right Islamic Astrologer. Consult your Moulvi and Astrologer about the state of your affair and ask for a solution. They will help you by offering a more advanced course of action required to win the love of your beloved.

Shohar Ki Mohabbat Pane Ka Wazifa

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