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Dua To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

Dua To Make Someone Mad In Love With You, A heart without love is like a desert in the ocean; and those who are capable of love and loving someone are the luckiest and the happiest.

Dua To Make Someone Crazy In Love or him think of me can be use someone talk to you again. You can use our dua to make someone miss you.

We all once in our lifetimes do fall in love with someone or knowingly or unknowingly make someone fall in love with ourselves.

It is a jig saw puzzle which is being prepared for each one of us and when the time comes each and every piece magically fall into the place making the beloved fit in the picture.

Dua To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

Dua To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

But, unfortunately love is not always that easy, it doesn’t always flow both the ways; our infatuation towards our secret crush remains a secret.

One sided lovers meet their lovers in their dreams only and those who once were inseparable have now become total strangers. Such estrangements have become common between husband and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends these days.

Quranic Duas For Making Someone Fall In Love With You

Quranic Duas For Making Someone Fall In Love With You, You can use our dua to make someone miss you., Worry not Romeos and Juliet, your cupid will strike the arrow at the right heart surely, all you have to do is a little preparation, need to sacrifice your sleep a little bit and ask for Allah’s help to rescue you and he will surely do that as he has always been doing.

When things don’t go the way as we want them to, it is always better to confide in him as he knows our deepest of desires and guards our darkest of secrets. So, it is time to call for help and that call is a sincere dua as it is directly linked with Allah’s blessings. He is the only assure and the keeper of the promises and if your lover is your best option then he will surely unite to you.

Now it is time for some action, here is the first door to your beloved. Tibbe Nabavi prescribes a wazifa to instill love in any heart to which you want to connect with. But, it is always better to stand sure or legitimize your actions by doing “Nikah istikhara” and if your result comes positive, then surely go ahead.


  • After making a fresh ablution, recite the lovely name of Allah- the almighty “ya Wajidu’ meaning the great finder for one hundred and one times.
  • Blow it on a glass of water or any other drink and let the person drink it.

After your repeated calls, you will surely have your wish and after succeeding do remember to thank Allah as he is the only facilitator. If love is internal then so is conflict.

The delicate thread that binds two hearts can be easily broken by external forces and at times by our own careless actions. It is not always the case that the reason behind our acrid relation is the third person, sometimes the major harm is done by the person to whom we love the most or we inflict damage on them, not always knowingly.

But, we are fortunate enough to have Allah by our side always as he can deftly mend our broken actions. And if that person has not yet entered into your lives, there is one strong dua to make that happen, you shall follow the following procedure.

  • After taking a shower and doing a proper wudu, sit in a calm place where nobody could disturb you and recite for three hundred and three (303) times,”YA WADUD YA RAUFU YA RAHEEMU”, meaning the loving, the most kind and affectionate and the merciful, they are the names of Allah the almighty and after their prescribed repetition, He will surely instill love in the heart of the person you desire the most and make him or her come into your life.

Powerful Dua To Make Someone Love You

Powerful Dua To Make Someone Love You, Love is not an object which can be bought, it has no shape either but it is the most beautiful experience which comes to us in most mysterious of ways, in the times when we are not expecting it at all and we also tend to find it in the person who was a stranger once and in the person who is our childhood friend.

But, that love needs to be reciprocated no matter what. You cannot fight this battle as a lone soldier, your heart need to match the beat of the other. And, if there is rejection or your lover has left you then, there is one more way at your rescue.

NOTE :- For the following wazifa you need to do the amal after the Fajr and Isha’s nna

Namaz and before you begin with the dua, you have to recite the darrod shareef for eleven times and after that recite the following ayat for 777 times by keeping that person in your mind and heart, it is always better to visualize a clear picture of him or her:

“Innallaha yusmaiu mayash ahu”

After the recitation do the sincere dua to Allah and ask you beloved with all your heart and with good intention and he will surely grant you, your wish.

What Dua To Read To Make Someone Love You

What Dua To Read To Make Someone Love You, Also, there is Surah Hijar’s verse number 47 which can act as a fecilitator in your way. The process is as follows:

Do proper wudu and after Isha prayer by having a clear picture of the person in your mind first recite Darood shareef for 11 times and then the verse for 101 times and then again, in the last, recite the Darood shareef for 11 times. Do this daily and by Allah’s blessing your wish will be granted for sure.

We as believers should always keep one thing in mind. Allah- the almighty is our ultimate guide and he above all knows better or maybe the best for us and has keep something or the other in the store for us.

In case our struggle doesn’t come to a desired outcome, then I am sure he has something else waiting there. We should always keep our faiths intact and let his light guide our ways. May Allah bless us all.

Dua To Make Someone Crazy In Love

Dua to make someone crazy in love will draw your lover towards you. Moreover, he will forever be with you.

In this respect, consider these duas;

  • Begin this wazifa from a Friday night. After proper wuzu wears white clothes. Also, sit on a woollen prayer rug. Always think of your lover while performing it. Now, recite a suitable dua for 320 times softly. After that, light incense. Then, repeat the dua for 570 times.
  • Again, recite yaHayuuyaQayyumu for 41 days. You can do another dua before sleep. Do it regularly for 15 days. However, you should concentrate on your lover to create affection in his heart.
  • You should again make fresh ablution. Then, recite yawajidu, the lovely name of Allah. After that, blow it on a glass of drinking water. Later you should drink it. You can also offer it to your lover.
  • Furthermore, do proper wuzu. Then, sit in a quiet place for prayer. Recite yawududu for 303 times. Also, recite 47th verse of Surah Hajir. This is also a strong dua to make a person fall madly in love with you.
  • Do this amal after your Fajrand Isha Recite 11 times DuroodShareefbefore and after this wazifa. Now, recite an appropriate ayat for 777 times. Also, keep your lover in your heart and mind. Then, sincerely do a dua to please Allah.

Thus, you can use dua to make someone crazy in love.

Dua To Make Him Think of Me

Dua to make him think of me will fulfil your wishes. Your lover will fall in love with you.

As such, learn these duas;

  • You can recite DuroodIbrahimi. Also, recite Surah Ikhlas. You should even chant Allah’s mighty name, Yawududu multiple times. If you have true motives Allah will answer your prayers.
  • After fresh wuzu, do your daily Isha Then, recite DuroodShareef for 11 times. Now, recite 47th verse of Surah Hajir for 101 times. In the end, recite DuroodShareef for 11 times. Do this daily. It will surely make your lover fall in love with you.
  • Furthermore, make fresh ablution. Now, begin and end your wazifa with 11 times DuroodShareef. Then, recite an ayat from Surah Fatihafor 15 times. After that, blow on a sweet. Later, give it to your lover.
  • Again, do this wazifa on any day after fresh ablution recites yawajjidu for 111 times. After this, blow on any drink. You can later have it. Otherwise, offer it to your lover. Continue this process until you get results.
  • Put your lover’s photo on a red blanket. Then, keep four red roses at the four corners. Use sugar to draw a circle around the photo. Next, recite a dua for 25 times. After that, add two spoons of sugar to water. Then, drink the water. Do it for 20 days.

Hence, you should apply dua to make him think of me.

Dua To Make Someone Talk To You Again

Dua to make someone talk to you again will bring you and your lover closer.

Accordingly, try these duas;

  • Make fresh wuzu. Then, recite 35thayat from Surah Fatir. Do it in odd numbers, like 3, 5, 7 and 11. Later on, blow it on your lover. You can continue it till you get positive results.
  • After wudu recite DuroodShareeffor 11 times, simultaneously, remember your lover in your mind and heart. After that recite a dua for 1000 times. Then, repeat 11 times DuroodShareef.
  • Furthermore, make proper wudu. Then recite tahajjud Now, recite an appropriate dua for 500 times. Do it regularly. Next, recite ayat73, 74 and 77 of Surah Furqan. Do it for 21 times. Also, read 86th chapter of Surah Tariqueon Ararfatday. It is a powerful dua for true love.
  • Again, do fresh wuzu. Now, keep your lover’s photo in front of you. Recite DuroodShareef thrice at the start and in the end. Also, chant a dua thrice. Finally, blow on the photo thrice. Furthermore, you can recite Surah Nahl, Ayat-ul-Kursi, Hadis-e-Kisaand Dua-e-Noor.
  • Write your lover’s name on a taweez. Make 75 of them. Now, throw 12 in a river. Again, keep 21 near a place of fire — Hang 21 on the highest branch of a tree. Finally, keep the remaining 21 under heavyweight in a dark room.

Therefore, you should consider dua to make someone talk to you again.

Dua To Make Someone Miss You

You can make dua to make someone miss you. It will make your life happy. You can reclaim your lost love.

As such, apply these duas;

  • Begin this wazifa from a Friday night. Take a bath and clear your mind. Now, recite DuroodShareef for 11 times. Next, recite a suitable dua. Then, blow on a glass of water. Close your wazifa with 11 times Finally, drink water. Also, remember your lover’s face while you drink it.
  • Again, do this wazifa after your Isha Start with 11 times DuroodShareef. Then, recite 39thayatof 16th chapter from Quran. Do it for 500 times. Now, take two almonds. Again, read DuroodShareeffor 11 times. Finally, blow it on the almonds. Later, mix them with a cold dish. Offer it to your lover.
  • Furthermore, perform the Rohani wazifa for love. Recite Surah Muzammil for 99 times. Once you recite it for 33 times, blow on a sweet dish. Repeat it for thrice. However, do not cook the dish on fire. Hence, you can use sugar, raisins and delicious drinks. Later, give it to your lover. Ensure that he has it. Allah will certainly fulfil your wishes.
  • Again, recite DuroodIbrahimi for 11 times. Also, recite Surah Ikhlas for 313 times. Besides, recite yawududufor 313 times. Finally, pray to Allah for love. Also, continue it for 41 days.

Hence, you should never ignore dua to make someone miss you.

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