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Dua To Make Someone Dream of You

Dua To Make Someone Dream of You or to make someone think of you can be use for someone to text you. We will provide you dua to make him call me now. We cannot deny that love is the most beautiful dream in this world. We all have the common dream to love someone. Additionally, this is a bigger dream that the person will also love us back.  Some people are fortunate who achieve this very easily.

Dua To Make Someone Dream of You

Dua To Make Someone Dream of You

But most people have to face a lot of trouble to achieve love in life. The Almighty Allah is the only power that can solve these problems. So we suggest the lovers pray to the Superpower Allah with all their souls. Without a doubt, Dua to make someone dream of you is the best solution in this situation. We will provide you Wazifa To Marry A Specific Person To Get Desire Result.

There is no uncertainty in the fact that Allah will bless you if you are true in your emotions. But perform the Dua to make someone dream of you with immense faith. You have to follow plenty of simple steps to earn the best outcome from the prayer. These are-

  • Take a fresh bath and wear a clean dress before starting the prayer.
  • Utter the sacred wordings from verse no. 78 and 79.
  • Recite the hallow words from the Surah Yaseen for the upcoming 51 consistent days.
  • When you are seating on the prayer mat from then till the end of the prayer think about the person you desire.
  • Perform the entire process for at least eleven continuous days.

Dua To Make Someone Think of You

Dua To Make Someone Think of You, When someone is in love he might think about the lovely person all day. Because it is a common instinct of human beings. In such is a situation the heart of a lover will surely desire that the other person may think about him. But if it is a one-sided love then it is a requirement to create the feeling in the heart of the opposite person too.

So now the question is how you can do this? There is a way that will help you perfectly if you have the faith in the Almighty Allah. The superpower Allah will lead you on the right path to achieve the love of the person you desire. Practicing the Dua to make someone think of you can be the most effective way out for sure.

If you want to bring out the best consequence from your prayer you have to do it properly. So to perform the Dua to make someone think of you perfectly please follow the below norms accordingly.

  • Take a bath on Friday before praying two Rak’ats of NamazHajat.
  • Recite Surah Tawhid 300 times after that.
  • After morning Namaz, recite Salawat 1000 times.
  • Then recite Surah Tawhid 400 times on the eighth day.
  • Continue to recite this wazifa for up to seven days.
  • Utter the following sacred wordins-

“Hasbiallahu la ilahaillahuwaalaihitawakkaltuwahuwababbalarshilazeemhadeeth.”

When someone recites the above-sacred words for the upcoming 7 days the Almighty Allah will grant whatever he desires on the earnest of his heart. So do the prayer with all your heart and soul to receive the best reward from Allah.

Dua For Someone To Text You

Dua For Someone To Text You, Often we meet someone who brings a special feeling to our hearts. And we do not want to lose them. If you have someone like that you must remain in touch with the person all the time. This is the only way to create love in his or her heart as well. So you have to call or message the special one regularly. If you are not getting the same response from the person then you have to find some other way to communicate with him or her.

It will be better if you communicate with the superpower Allah and ask him for his help. He will surely solve your problem if you are faithful to him. Include the practice of the Dua for someone to text you in your regular prayer schedule. If you are starting the Dua for someone to text you then you have to do it appropriately to get the best outcome from it. This prayer requires some extremities. So follow the rituals accordingly. These are below-

“Laailaahaillalaahuwahadahulaashareekalahu, lahul-mulkuwalahul-hamduyuhyeewayumeetuwahuwaalaakulli shay in qadeer.”

Utter the exceeding sacred words with immense belief in the superpower Allah. Inshallah! You will surely get the utmost outcome.

  • Take a shower first.
  • Fill a spray bottle with rose water and use it to freshen up your room.
  • Then say 1050 times “Allah Hus Samad.”
  • Last but not least, repeat DuroodShareef five times.
  • For a total of 21 days, recite this Dua.

Dua To Make Him Call Me Now

Dua To Make Him Call Me Now, We understand the pain when you miss someone badly and not getting an equal response from the other side. It is heart-breaking feelings for sure. But you have to be calm and faithful in such a tough situation. Maybe this is the test of your love. You have to keep faith in the superpower Allah all the time to survive in this state of mind. You have nothing to do without praying to the Almighty from the deepest corner of your heart. If you can do it perfectly you will surely get the best reward for it. In this circumstance initiate the Dua to make him call me now to get back the quick response from the special one.

The Dua to make him call me now is an effective way out to come closer to the loved one. Many people achieved the best outcome from this Dua. So keep trust in it and start it as early as possible. Just follow all the procedures perfectly to be sure about the result.

“Allah huakkabrjimmasilakarioralitonkinpheebi al mil zur.”

  • Recite these sacred words three consistent times accordingly along with the following rituals.
  • After you’ve washed, sit in a prayer position.
  • Five times, recite Durood Sharif.
  • After that, say La ilahaillallah 100 times.
  • Finally, pray to Almighty Allah that the person you desire would remember me and call me.
  • Do this daily for three days. That person calls you within three days and also thinks about you.

Allah Talah will bless you with all the possible kinds of love if you can perform the above prayer genuinely. With all your pure emotions and devotion, your prayer will surely be more powerful each day. Keep faith in the superpower and do your work with genuineness.

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