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How To Do Istikhara For Someone You Love

How To Do Istikhara For Someone You Love or for love back can be use for one sided love. Use our istikhara to marry someone you love to solve love problems.

Istikhara For Someone You Love

Love is important for all of us. It is not simply a desire, but the food for our soul. Without love, a person feels incomplete. When you love someone, life gets filled up with joy and happiness.

On the contrary, if you have lost your love, no pain can be greater than that. Love fulfils your emotional needs and keeps your mental health sound.

If you are in love with someone, you should make every attempt to make him/her your very own. However, if some obstacle is coming between you and your lover, then you have to remove it.

Otherwise, you have to feel his/her absence throughout your life, which can be quite painful. Not having your beloved for your life might even become the cause of your regrets in future.

How To Do Istikhara For Someone You Love

How To Do Istikhara For Someone You Love

If you want to make your lover your very own, then you should find ways to do it. Because not having your lover by your side can turn you into an unhappy person. Many things can be compromised in life, but it is better not to compromise with love.

Doing istikhara can make the path easier for you to attain your goal. During istikhara, you say your problem to Allah through prayers. And Allah helps you to take the right steps to come out of the difficult situation.

You have chosen the person with whom you want to spend your life. And you are constantly worrying about how to make your paths meet. In such a situation, istikhara will help you to resolve the confusion.

Allah will guide you to achieve your lover with His Supreme Power and Divinity. In Sha Allah,istikhara will help you to win your love, inspire of all the oppositions you are facing.

Which Istikhara Use For Love Back?

Istikhara For Love Back, You might have loved someone deeply. Both of you were very happy together. However, some misunderstanding had created a wide gap between you. You are not able to forget him/her even though a lot of time has passed. His/her memories make you sad, and you yearn to be with him/her again.

You might have lost contact with the person you want to be with. Even it might be that you get to see each other, but the person does not show love interest any more. You are still feeling the intense love and find it very difficult to face life without him/her.

Love is an instinct, and it can neither be ignored or overcome by any other means. If you are suffering the pain of losing your beloved and want to get him/her back in your life, you can do istikhara for love.

Istikhara will help you receive Divine Guidance. Allah, the all-powerful will straighten your path and guide you in achieving your love back provided it is good for you. For doing the Istikhara for getting your love back, you have to pray two rakats of Nafal Salah and then read the dua for istikhara given below.


”AllahumaInniAastakhirika Was-atadiruqaBequdratekaWa-As-Aluka Min Fadlekal Azeem Fa InnakaTaqdeero Wala Akdiro Wat Talaloo Wala Alamu Waa Anta AllamulGaiyebo. Allahuma In Kunta Talam Anna Hadha-i-Amra Khairun Li Fi Dini Waa Maasi Waa Kibati Amri FaqdirHuwaYassirhooLithammaBarek-Li-Fihi Waa InkuntaTaalamu Anna HadhaLamraSharroon Li Fi Dini Waa Maasi Waa Kibati Amri FasrifHoo Anni Was RifniAnhuWaqdir Li AnkhairaHaitu Kana ThummaardiniBihi”

After this dua read the following dua-

“AllahummaInni As-alukaHubbakWa Hubba Mai Yu Hibbuk Wal Amaan Allajee Yu BalleguniHubbakAllahummaj Al Hubbaka-AhabbElaiYaminNafsi Waa Ahli WaMinal Ma-el Warid“

Through istikhara, Allah will guide you to make the right decision. It is not necessary to have a dream after istikhara. You will have an inner feeling, which will help you find the right path.

Which Istikhara Use For One Sided Love?

Istikhara For One Sided Love, You might love him/her for a long time. You find that he/she is quite friendly with you, but never expressed his/her love. One the other hand, you are falling deep in his/her love and losing your mental peace.

You are feeling restless, unless you both are intimately connected. You can do the istikhara for love to have a love of your life by your side. As stated earlier, perform two rakats of Nafal Salah followed by Dua-e-Istikhara. Then read the dua for love given below.

AllahummaJukniIlfahaWaYudDahaWareedahaWaraddini Beha Summaj Ma Bainana Be EhsanejTima-ain”

If the other person is meant for you, In Sha Allah, Allah will bring both of you together. Allah will create feelings within you to let you know. Those who have faced rejection earlier can also do this istikhara to find out whether the fate turns in their favour.

However, it is suggested not to request and plea to Allah desperately to gain the person you love. You should leave the decision in the hands of God and accept His will in this matter. As, God’s decision is always the wisest and the best.

Which Istikhara Use To Marry Someone You Love?

Istikhara To Marry Someone You Love, You are in a relationship with someone for a long time and want to marry each other. But there might be some family issue which is stopping you from doing so. To resolve such problem, you can take support of shikhara. Perform two rakats of Nafal Salah followed by Dua-e-Istikhara. Then read the dua given below.

“AllahummajAalHubbaka a HibbulAsya e ElaiWajalKhasya Taka AkhwafalAsya e EendeeWaqTaa Anni HajateDuniyaBessauqeEla Liqa Eka WaEjaAkrarta a YunaAhleeDuniya Min Junya Hum a AqrijAainee Min Eebaratika

In Sha Allah, you will be guided by Allah to find a way to this complicated situation. While doing istikhara, you have to remember passionately doing the istikhara is not enough. First, you have to fulfil all the obligatory prayers, establish your firm belief on Allah, and then only you are going to get the Supreme Guidance.

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