Ruqyah For Marriage Life Problems 5/5 (8)

Ruqyah For Marriage Life Problems

Ruqyah For Marriage Life Problems or for marriage and relationship issues can be use for marriage separation problems. Use our ruqyah for love between husband and wife to solve marriage life problems.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Life Problems?

Ruqyah is the way of removing ill omens from your life. Often, we are cursed by the evil eye, and some jinn tries to cause havoc in our lives. With the help of ruqyah, one can keep these problems at bay.

Ruqyah For Marriage Life Problems

Ruqyah For Marriage Life Problems

Most of the time, couples face problems in marriage not because one of the partners is in some fault, but because the jinn is interfering with their lives. With the help of ruqyah for marriage life problems, you can ensure a happy life with your spouse.

There are quite a few ruqyah’s which can be done to get rid of marriage problems, provided they are done with love and faith in the heart.

To start with,

  • Perform a powerful wazifa which is related to marital issues. Pray to Allah to remove your hurdles in marriage.
  • Next, blow on your husband’s head and also on the food which you will be serving him.
  • Do this for a few days, and you will notice a positive change in your marriage.

There is another ruqyah to improve your marriage.

  • First, perform fresh ablution of Wuzu.
  • After wearing clean clothes, perform the Zohar daily at noon.
  • Next, make a bowl of sweet dish
  • After that, place the dish next to a bowl of fragrant, fresh flowers
  • Then, bring your Quran and read the Surah Azhab 40 times
  • Then make a prayer to Allah to remove difficulties from your marriage
  • Next, your spouse should smell the flowers, and you can both eat from the sweet dish.
  • Do this for one week, and you will see a positive change in your marital life.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage And Relationship Issues?

Ruqyah For Marriage And Relationship Issues, Those who are facing trouble in their marriage or relationship can try out the following ruqyah, and they are sure to achieve marital bliss.

  • First, perform ablution or take a proper shower
  • Next, take seven almonds
  • Then, repeat the Surah Yasin 7 times with a lot of devotion
  • While repeating the Surah Yasin, blow on each almond once after every repetition
  • Keep the seven almonds on a fresh paper
  • In the meantime, cook a delicious sweet dish and use these seven almonds in the dish
  • Then feed the dish to your spouse.
  • If you cannot cook a sweet dish, you can directly give him the seven almonds to eat

While performing this ritual, carry on with your daily namaz and prayers

There is another simpler ruqyah for marriage issues.

  • Each morning, make your compulsory prayers
  • After the prayer, repeat the Surah Baqra 11 times continuously
  • Then make a heartfelt prayer to Allah to help you through the hurdles of marriage
  • Do this for a couple of months, and you will surely notice a change in your relationship for the better

Any evil eye which might be blocking the good vibes from your relationship will be removed, and you will be able to enjoy a life of bliss with your partner again.

Which Ruqyah Use For Marriage Separation Problems?

Ruqyah For Marriage Separation Problems, If the problems in your marriage are immense and it borders on separation which you are trying to prevent, then you can try this ruqyah to prevent your spouse from moving away.

  • While doing this ritual, make sure that you read your namaz, as usual, five times a day
  • Perform Wazifa late in the night. The ideal time should be between 2 am, and 4 am.
  • Then pray the Tahajjud with a lot of faith in your heart
  • After that, read the Surah Rehman three times consecutively
  • Then make a prayer to Allah to grant you peace and happiness in marriage
  • Additionally, there is another ruqyah which you can do to save your marriage
  • First, perform your prayers and Fajr
  • Next, pray to Allah to remove problems from your married life
  • You should do this for 111 times during the entire day, and slowly and steadily, you will get the desired results.

There is another ruqyah that might bear fruits, and you will be rid of the problems of the evil eye on your marriage.

  • Do ablution and wear clean clothes
  • Then do Salawat for 11 times fervently.
  • Then, read a prayer of supplication to Allah for 500 times with all your heart and soul
  • Next, again do Salawat for 11 times
  • Finally, say a prayer to Allah to remove all blockages from your life. In no time, the problems from your marriage will be removed, and you will not have to separate from your spouse.

Which Ruqyah Use For Love Between Husband And Wife?

Ruqyah For Love Between Husband And Wife, For a marriage to stay healthy, there must always be love between the husband and wife. For this, you can do a ruqyah so that no one can come between both of you, and your marriage is safe from the evil eye.

  • First, get a bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Next, recite an amal while holding the bouquet
  • You should gift this bouquet to your spouse, along with a sweet dish
  • Additionally, it would help if you wrote down your spouse’s name on an egg.
  • Along with the spouse’s name, you should also write the Surah al Bar’ at on it.
  • Make sure you are using a marker pen so that the writing does not rub away quickly.
  • Put the egg inside a small pot and cover it properly.
  • Then bury the pot in a place where a fire is always lighted.

Another ruqyah which you can try is:

  • Make a bowl of sweet dish
  • Read the Surah Muzzahmil while holding the dish in front of you
  • Next, present into your husband to eat before he leaves for work
  • He should also recite two prayer cycles himself before leaving
  • Then, once he returns home in the evening, he should perform wuzu and wear fresh clothes
  • After that, he has to recite the Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then, recite a prayer for your happiness for 40 times

With these ruqyah for marriage life problems, you will soon see that all your marital problems have melted away, and both of you are happier than ever before.

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