Istikhara for Marriage Problems 5/5 (12)

Istikhara for Marriage Problems

Istikhara for Marriage Problems

Istikhara for Marriage Problems

Marriage as an institution finds a lot of importance in our lives, in our community. When a girl and a boy come to an age, his or her entire family gets on the work of finding a suitable bride and groom. Marriage in our societies happens with a lot of preparation and often under societal pressure, families flow the money like water, new relations are made but often result of all this happiness doesn’t turn out to be happy.

Problems are started coming up in no time, Husband and wife who should be tied to each other with a bond of love begins to fight on small issues and at times become so worse that they even take big and unfortunate decisions of parting with each other. Most of the time the reason of this drift between them are others or the family members, but its suffering comes to the couple only.

Allah has made marriage a sacred relation. He has commanded the hearts to be the understanding and loving ones. But, it has become our nature to get easily offended, make issues of small things and rather than reconciling or sorting the matter, we find it easy to break away.

Islam has prescribed a procedure, which we as the people of faith should follow before we enter into marriage with the other person. It is suggested most of the times that Istikharas should be done before the marriage.

Istikhara prayer for marriage life decisions

Unfortunately, many people in our religion are not aware of this or do not know how to perform an istikhara for Marriage Problems. If, you are facing a problem in your marriage or you are in the dilemma whether you should continue with it or not. Then it is better to ask Allah as he has answers to all your troubles.

Istikhara prayer for marriage life decisions- Istikhara is derived from the word ‘Khair’ in Islam which means good. When you do an istikhara that simply means you are asking for Allah’s guidance as his path is the only right path. When a dispute arises in a marriage, people always come in a fix whether they should go on with their partners or not. If you are facing this problem or going on with the same troubled period in your life, then Marriage Istikhara can be a way to solve your problem. The meaning of Istikhara is to seek direct guidance of Allah in order to know about the right sort of action concerning a deed.

I should make clear one thing right in the beginning that, Istikhara does not mean Allah will show you a vision or the dream, but he will indicate you one way or the other and will definitely help you take the right action. Istikhara simply means seeking Allah’s guidance in knowing the right or wrong for you.

Istikhara for Marriage Problems

Istikhara for Marriage Problems


Istikhara has a vital importance, people in olden days used to do it even before taking the smallest decisions. It is like going to Allah directly and asking him the right way to go about a particular action.

In many books there are given right ways to do the Istikhara and it is said that Our Prophet used to teach us the ways to perform Istikhara in the right way.


You should offer two rakat namaz other than the usual prayers and after doing that two raakat Namaz you should recite the following dua:

“Allahumma inni astakhiruka bilmika, Wa astaqdiruka biqudratika, Wa asalaka min falika Al-azlm Fa innaka taqdiru wala aqdiru, wa talamu wala alamu, wa anta allamu l-ghuyub, Alahumma, in kunta ta’lamu anna hadha-lamra shar-run li fi dini wa ma’ashi wa’aqibati ‘Amri Fasrifhu anniwasrifni anhu. Waqdir li al-khaira haithu kana thumma ardini bihi”.

This can be translated as O Allah! If you know that what I am going to do is good for me and my religion and my subsistence and my hereafter. Then, ordain it for me and facilitate me to get it. I ask for your guidance and your will and I am asking for your great blessing, for you are the only capable one and I am not. You know what will happen as you have already seen it.  And if my actions are not good for me or not in my favor, then keep the bad away from me and guide me to take the right decision which will be in my good.

How to do the Istikhara?

To do the Istikhara following steps should be followed:-

  • Perform two rakat Nafl prayer;
  • In the first read Rakat Surah Al Kafiroon;
  • In the second Rakat read Surah Al Ikhlas
  • And perform the rest of your prayer as you would normally; and then read the dua of the Istikhara given above.

This might seem a tedious task or difficult, but you going through the most difficult time of your life. The person you love the most, with whom you have spent all these years, is ready to part ways with you. Your mounting tensions, your daily fights might seem to go out of hand. But, patience at times seems to be the greatest remedy. Allah never asked his individuals to resort to anger or take decision with a strong head. You should always remember that the other person with whom you are having tensions with is the one whom you have married. He or she has all the right to the respect, even if you have decided to part ways.

Istikhara is the Allahs’ indication of what he seems right and what is indeed right for you. And at times the result of Istikhara might be contradictory to what you were thinking earlier. Have all the faith on Allah the almighty; he knows the best for you. Go on his path with full faith and Inshallah he will deliver you from all the troubles. Patience and perseverance are Allahs’ ways, it is always better to make his ways your way. No matter what the result would come, accept as his will as the best for you.


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