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Dua to Move Away from In Laws

Dua for separation from in laws- Every girl imagines her married life in a very different way. After getting married, she steps out of her parents home and steps into the world of a total stranger. It fills her with excitement and a little bit of nervousness as she enters a totally new home, meets new people and makes new relations. Before the marriage, family of the groom makes tall promises, ensures the parents of the girl to treat her as their own child. Unfortunately, reality in most of the cases turns out to be totally contrary.

Dua to Move Away from In Laws

Dua to Move Away from In Laws

Within a few days of marriage, the gets under the total surveillance of her In-laws, who tells her what to wear, how to sit, what to say, what to eat and everything. She spends more than half of the day in the kitchen fulfilling whims and fancies of that family. And after all the days’ hard work there goes the session of criticism, where her mother in law reads out the entire list of her faults, her small delays and extra salt in the food. The saddest part comes when her own life partner, her husband, who has vowed to keep her happy for all her life, fails to help her. He instead, supports his own parents instead of his wife.

Even if the husband supports his wife, he has to take a step back as he cannot let go his parents. There are also cases when the girl and her husband were living alone till the point they are suddenly bombarded with the uncalled presence of the in –laws. Girl’s life becomes hell, her independence gets compromised and the only job left to her is to please her in laws.

Dua for separation from in laws

If this is your story, then I have all the sympathies for you. You should be happy to know that you are not the only one fighting this battle, there are many out there like you. Every problem has a solution. It is always good to deal such situations practically and with a cool head, after all they are your elders and parents of your husband. Try to explain your situation to your husband, make him understand your struggles to him. Together you both should talk to the parents and make them realize that times have changed and you have your life and your privacy should be respected. At times our problem has a very simple solution but we fail to communicate it with the right person who in case are your in laws.

I am sure they will understand your situation and will move away themselves. In case they don’t then you should know, Allah is always there for you. He has all the solution to your problems. Let him be your guide and he will show you the light certainly. Be regular in your namaz, pray to him constantly and tell him all about your troubles. He has made us all and this test of your life he will stand by you for sure.

Dua to separate husband from his parents

Here is the dua which you can recite to move away from your in laws.

  • You can perform this dua either in the day or night.
  • Do it for 40 days continuously, and within seven days you will get the results.
  • First, recite Durood Shareef for 7 times.
  • Now, recite “Surah Lahab” for 500 times.
  • Again recite Durood Shareef for 7 times in the end.

Surah Lahab is also known as Surah Al-Masad which is the 111th chapter of the Qura’n with five verses.

After doing this dua, you will surely see the desired change. Your partner will have a change of heart and will understand the situation. He will be on your side and will part ways from his parents. It will also soften the hearts of your In-Laws and they will move away on their own.

Dua to Move Away from In Laws

Dua to Move Away from In Laws

Keep your heart clean and do not think or want badly for them, no matter what they have done to you. Allah the Almighty knows it all; he resides in your heart. Keep your intentions and actions clean. Your parent in-Laws will be punished for their actions and words by Allah certainly.

Patience is the key to everything. Your struggles might seem never ending, but Allah knows the right time and will grant your wish in the right time certainly. Do not compromise your peace by sweating on small things, learn to let go. Even at home your own mother use to nag you or scold you for small things, maybe it is same with your mother in law. If things are different for you then they are certainly different for her too, try and understand her more. Be friends with her, reach out to her more, talk to her, show her that you love and respect her and surely she will reciprocate to you in the same way.

i want to move out of my in laws house

In case even after all your efforts, she continues her old ways. Refuses to understand you or scold or belittles you in front of others, then indeed you should part ways with them. They promised to give you everything with love and care and now they are indeed failing on it. Allah’s’ ways are always there for you. He has all the answers to your questions and all the solution to problems.

And, if you are being abused by your In-Laws then there is the way of the law. You should get your parents and family involved in this, report this with the police. They have no right to do this to you. You have only married their son and not become their slaves. If you don’t learn to take your own stand then nobody will stand for you. You have all the right to live with dignity. There are many laws in our countries which safeguards women from the traumas of marriage and can put you In-Laws in jail for beating you. Don’t care about the society but rather care about you. May Allah always keep you under his guard. Ameen.


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