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Divorce Problem Solution By Wazifa

Divorce Problem Solution By Wazifa provide by our Molvi who is expert in husband wife divorce problem solution. Our Molana will provide you love divorce problem solution using Islamic way.

Meena and Afzal were a couple since college days. Meena was Hindu whereas Afzal was Muslim. But love does not know religion, and none of them ever had a problem with religion. Meena was ready to convert to Isla, or even afza was prepared to convert to Hinduism as long as both of them do not depart. Both of their parents did not have any problem whatsoever because all of them wanted the happiness of their kids.

Divorce Problem Solution By Wazifa

Divorce Problem Solution By Wazifa

Finally, they had a beautiful marriage in a lovely way. All their college friends had attended their marriage, including their professors. Their marriage was a lot of fun for all friends, family members and colleagues. Their wedding photoshoot was also excellent. They got a lot of traction on social media about their marriage and wedding photos.

Soon Meena conceived and gave birth to a cute baby girl. Everyone was happy. Meanwhile, all of the family members in Afzal’s family were following Muslim religion so instead of asking Afzal to become Hindu, Meena converted into Muslim. There was a huge secret that Afzal never told Meena. She got to know it from the outside.

Afzal was a criminal. And he used to earn money by doing criminal activities. This reason and breaking of trust were enough for Meena to start thinking about divorce. Afzal’s mother tried to convince her. She suggested we can opt for divorce problem solution by wazifa. She was not in a mindset of listening to anybody. So she ignored the suggestion of her mother in law about divorce problem solution by wazifa.

Divorce Problem Solution Molvi

Meena started being very upset. She was not talking to anyone much. She was seriously thinking of having a divorce with Afzal. Meena was raised in a family of high morals. Even Afzal’s dad was a respectable businessman who never opted for any illegal ways to earn money.

Meena knew that Afzal had a bad company in the college itself, but Afzal always told her that they are his just friends and he has a job. And after college, he lost all connections with all those wrong people. He never had a job, and after college, he started being with them every day.

He is opting for this kind of a profession and lifestyle he had put his own life in danger and thereby hurting the certainty of a quiet life to his wife and a small daughter. Due to all these reasons, Meena was not willing to talk to anybody. Here Afzal too was in so much tension. He was feeling a lot of guilties, but that’s all he was good at.

If he goes for a job, no will accept him. He knew that, and that is why he opted for this way. His friends started suggesting him to get divorce problem solution molvi. There was not much that he was able to do. He did not want to dismantle his family and lose Meena. Afzal started thinking of option for divorce problem solution molvi. He also was trying to talk to Meena, but he was failing again and again to convince her.

Husband-Wife Divorce Problem Solution

Afzal went to her mom and started crying that Meena had started seeing advocates so that she can get a divorce from Afzal. She was also concerned about their small daughter; he did not want to have a love of just a single parent. He could not imagine his daughter having a step parent. His mom consoled him and said let me try to have a word with Shabana.

The fact was, even Afzal’s parents were not aware of the profession of him. They had a kind of an idea but never knew its intensity. So they didn’t talk about that with Shabana.

When this thing came out, even they got a shock because Afzal never used to tell them all the words and they found that Afzal has been hiding many things about his profession from them as well. So it was a bad situation for them too. But it was not as worse as Shabana because she was his wife and she knew an entirely different reality which never existed.

Afzal’s mom expressed all these feelings to Shabana. She also added further that Shabana should imagine the life of her daughter after her divorce with Afzal. And none of them wanted that to happen to their daughter.

So afzal’s mom was suggesting her to get husband wife divorce problem solution spiritually. Because no punishment would be sufficient for Afzal that is why Shabana would never feel normal again, therefore if we need to fix the things, we should opt for spiritual ways to get husband wife divorce problem solution.

Love Divorce Problem Solution Molana

Shabana understood what afzal’s mom was trying to tell her. Even Shabana did not want to destroy her family. And it was too deep into the future to think of starting a new family because she did not have any idea how her life was going to post-divorce. So she also had uncertainty as well as fear. Shabana and Afzal both decided to get love divorce problem solution Molina. They went to a famous Montana ji. Molana ji gave them wazifa: ‘al nabahee mussammal ulahi kareem’ all seem’ al bairakh Allah-e-there.’

Molana ji told them that they need to write this wazifa down on a piece of paper. Afzal should write on a black paper, and the female (that is her wife, Shabana) should write it down on a white paper. Afzal should use white ink whereas Shabana should use black ink. And it is mandatory to sit in such a way that both are facing each other.

While writing, they need to keep a pad between them and should use a single hand. There would be no support to the pad. On one side of the pad there would be a white paper; on the other side, there would be black paper. The wife should have her right-hand side towards the mosque. This is the love divorce problem solution Molina ji told them. Husband and wife need to complete this task twice a day.

Shabana and Afzal both followed Molina ji’s advice, and everything got back to normal within ten days. There was a tremendous psychological change in both of their minds.

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