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Dua For Protection From Nightmares

Dua For Protection From Nightmares or dua for avoiding bad dreams use for getting good sleep, if you have problems due to bad dreams then use our dua to stop bad dreams and enjoy a pleasant night.

Dreams are something that we love to watch. Furthermore, the surroundings in dreams take us to our fantasy world. Generally, dreams are nothing but the product of what we see and imagine in the real world.

At the time of sleep, the human mind process all the things. Furthermore, the mind starts to build fantasies. These fantasies are nothing but part of our thought process. One enjoys the dream and lives his desire as a part of the vision.

Dua For Protection From Nightmares

Dua For Protection From Nightmares

In this case, everything happens at a psychological level. There is no active sense of the person involves. Thus, in general sense, we can say that a person doesn’t have control over his dream.

However, dreams that may horrify you can be channelized. A horrifying thought that breaks your sleep is called a nightmare. A nightmare can be a part of your bad memory. Furthermore, this can come as part of negative thinking.

Nightmares can sometimes come as a part of your dreaming process. However, when they come daily, it’s time to be alert. Regular nightmares can be a result of negative energy channelized you again.

Generally, this type of situation is seen in the case of channelization of black magic. Spells of black magic are useful in creating nightmares. To overcome nightmares, one can look out for holy solutions.

Dua for protection from nightmares can be useful in this case. Performing Dua for protection from nightmares can vanish the effect of evil energy. The cycle of nightmares would stop. The situation would soon come to normal.

Dua For Avoiding Bad Dreams

Bad dreams or nightmares are something that would not love in the first place. Furthermore, the disturbance that they cause in your sleep cycle is difficult to cope. It’s evident that while sleeping, you would love to fantasize about positive things.

However, dreams are randomly generated. In this case, the brain targets different elements of your thought process. Sometimes you may see a desirable setup while sometimes a drastic horror dream.

The mind keeps switching between positive and negative elements. As a result of this dreams of becoming good or bad. Now, to avoid bad dreams, you can start thinking positively. Positive and pleasant thoughts trigger good ideas.

However, what if the bad dreams take a toll of you? They might come and haunt you every day. Things can become difficult for you in this case. Regular bad dreams hint that everything is not on the right track.

To avoid bad dreams, you can use Quranic solutions. Dua for avoiding bad dreams is one effective Quranic solution. The process to perform Dua for avoiding bad dreams is as follows:

  • In the first place perform the evening time Namaz
  • To begin with lay down on the bed
  • Start reciting Surah Naas
  • Next, recite Surah Falak
  • Afterward, recite Ayat ul kursi
  • Recite all of them once
  • Now, pray to Allah for Good dreams
  • In the meanwhile wash your face with rose water
  • Regularly perform this for seven days

Soon bad thoughts would go away. Your dreaming cycle would come back to normal.

Dua For Getting Good Sleep

Good sleep is an essential component of the life cycle. Furthermore, proper sleep is necessary for energizing body. Generally, sleeping is associated with physical rest to the body. However, it brings both mental and physical comfort to the body.

While sleeping the mind of a person relaxes. Furthermore, the brain sends signals to the entire body and makes it feel relaxed. This relaxation, coupled with good sleep, can do wonders for the organization. After a good sleep, the body gets energized to take on tasks of the next day.

Generally, 6-8 hours of sleep is required for the proper functioning of the body. However, instances like bad dreams cut this duration short. Furthermore, one gets horrified as a result of bad ideas. This break in sleep cycle hampers the normal flow.

To avoid such instances praying before sleeping is advised for. Dua for getting good sleep can be useful in this case. One can perform this dua just before going to sleep.

The process to perform Dua for getting good sleep is as follows:

  • Take a deep breath in the first place
  • To begin with, recite the name of Allah
  • Next, recite:

“Bismika rabbee wadaAAtu

janbee wabika arfaAAuh

fa-in amsakta nafsee farhamha

wa-in arsaltaha fahfathha bima

tahfathu bihi AAibadakas-saliheen.”

  • Recite this once
  • Finally, recite:

“Allahumma innaka khalaqta

nafsee wa-anta tawaffaha

laka mamatuha wamahyaha in

ahyaytaha fahfathha, wa-in

amattaha faghfir laha

Allahumma innee as-alukal-AAafiyah.”

  • Regularly perform this for a total of 14 days

As a result of this dua, your sleep cycle would become standard. You would start getting good sleep.

Dua To Stop Bad Dreams

Facing bad dreams can be quite challenging. Nobody apart from the sufferer can understand the shock of bad dreams. Furthermore, the things that you see in a lousy dream haunt you. You keep thinking of them afterward.

All this add on to your mind, and the bad dream haunts you again. In this case, you don’t have much to do. Since it’s all biological and psychological, you can’t control it. Generally, the first thought, in this case, is to visit a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist can help you in this regards. However, what would you do if it’s negative energy? Generally, we take bad dreams lightly. We consider it natural in the first place. It may look natural, but it’s not.

How, can one justify the regular occurrence of bad dreams? Ordinary bad dreams hint something wrong. To avoid bad thoughts, you can look for some holy solutions.

Dua to stop bad dreams is one such holy solution. Performing Dua to prevent bad dreams can help you big time. The process to perform Dua to stop bad dreams is as follows:

  • Take a bath in the first place (before sleeping)
  • Now sit in an open space
  • Look to the left side
  • To begin with spit on the ground three times in the left direction
  • Pray to God for peace and prosperity
  • Next, seek refuge for evil deeds
  • Come back and go to sleep
  • Sleep in the direction opposite to the one you were sleeping previously
  • Regularly do this for ten days

Soon bad dreams would stop. God would help you with his grace.

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