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Dua for Return of Stolen Items

Islamic Dua for Return of Stolen Items- Are you that person in your family who is famous for forgetting things or not taking care of them? Your carelessness knows no bounds and you often lose things. I remember how in our school days, we all used to come back with the stolen rubber and handkerchief. Things as small as them weren’t a matter of much concern. But, still our mothers used to scold us. And, as we grow up, we get more careful about our things, keep them safe in the best way possible. Unfortunately, now too our things get stolen.

Dua for Return of Stolen Items

Dua for Return of Stolen Items

Losing rubber or pencil in the school is way much different from losing the entire earning of your life. Pick pocketing is so common around us. The moment you enter in a crowded market or a train or a bus, you risk losing something. That mobile phone you bought by saving your salary for a year, got stolen in a month. Students living in the hostel has to move around with their laptops or else they get stolen. Your father locks his cupboard or safe with an utter care. How your mother, goes around the house to check the locks before going to sleep.

Wazifa to find stolen things

But, unfortunately all these efforts are just not enough. No matter how much you try, still your things get stolen. May be this is the very reason, when our elders buy things or keep them in a safe place, they recite Bismillah. As this would keep all your precious things in the safety of Allah. And, no matter what, no thief will touch them. If this is the case with you too and often your things get stolen or you tend to forget them. Then in each namaz that you offer, ask Allah for his protection. Seek his guard towards you and your things.

Precaution is better than cure. And this aptly applies to your case too.Do cross check your things before you leave your house. Stay conscious when you are outside and most importantly aware. As most of the time it is your carelessness, which make you pay the price. Now, let us talk about the major issue here, which is how to get back the things which are already gone. Which are already stolen. Things get more difficult when they are essential documents like passports, voter ID etc. if such things of yours are stolen or lost and they are irreplaceable. Then don’t worry at all, Allah will ease this out too like always.

Powerful dua to find lost item

Firstly, whenever you lose a valuable, your primary duty is to get it reported. Which we usually avoid but this is absolutely necessary. It increases your chances to get that thing or things back. May Allah keep you always away from the most unfortunate but in case your house gets robbed. Then it is way too necessary to get the incident reported. These are the helps provided to you by the government, do take them.

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First and foremost, which I would like to suggest without a tint of doubt is Durood Shareef”. Repeat this noble verse day and night and as much as you can. This is my assurance to you that inshallah that thing will come walking to you. You may take it as an over statement but it is not. Even if I forget where I kept a thing, I recite it with all the power of my faith and I get that thing every time. I am sure if you do the same with your absolute faith in Allah, you will get your stolen things back too.


First Way – Dua for Return of Stolen Items:

To get you stolen or lost things back you can recite, “Surah Luqmaan” which is the 31ST Srah of Qur’an, Ayat 16 and is also known as “Ya Bunaiyyah ki ayat”. It is the tested and most assured Dua, which will bring your stolen or lost things back. The ayat is as follows:

“Ya bunayya innaha in thaku mithqala habbatimmin khardalin fatakun fee sakhratin aw fissamawti aw fil-ardi ya biha Allahu innalaha lateefun khabeer”


As per the translation, Luqmaan said to his son- even the weight of the mustard seed is not hidden from Allah the almighty. If it is hidden in the rock in the heavens or earths, he will bring it forth. Such is the power is this dua.  And it is prescribed that you should recite it till the time you get back the stolen item.


Second Way – Dua for Return of Stolen Items:

You can also recite the following Powerful dua to find lost item of yours. It is as follows:


“Ya Jamiaan nas, Liyawmin laa rayb feehi ijma’ baynee wa bayna dallattee”

There is no prescribed time or number for this dua. Keep it on your tongue and Allah will deliver you his timely help.


Third Way – Dua for Return of Stolen Items:

You can also recite Surah Al-Tariqand such is the charm of this surah. That, from which door the thing is stolen, it will return through it.

Wazifa to get back lost money

Allah’s help to you is in abundance and so should be your faith in him. You should recite all these duas with a firm belief. As a believer in his power and nota doubter. Keep all your matters in his hands. Make a legitimate dua to him and let him know how strong is your faith. And, he will never let you down.

Surah For Peace of Mind And Heart

As humans we all have limitations. But, he is the one without all the bounds. He can do what you can’t. so, if the theft of your thing has left you heartbroken, then don’t worry. He has given you the and will deliver from it soon. Recite these duas as much as you can. Tell all the people in the house to do that. And, Inshallah in no time, before you can even expect. Your stolen item will get back where it was. He is the mightiest and the kindest and our all-time helper. This Wazifa to get back lost money will help to get your money back asap.

To him lies all our faith and he will never disappoint us. May your things get back to you soon. Ameen.


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