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Dua For Someone Who Is Sick

Dua For Someone Who Is Sick, Health is a critical aspect. This is the body which we need to carry for the entire lifetime. If there is any wrong with it, our life would be hell.

We can’t earn, how would we feed ourselves. Consequently, we face financial issues. And when we have economic problems, so we have problems with every aspect of life. Therefore keeping ourselves healthy is very important.

Dua For Someone Who Is Sick

Dua For Someone Who Is Sick

But things are not always in our control. Our human body tends to get sick now and then. Generally, we consult the doctor. Almost all doctors give us medicine, treat us, and we get better. But there have been situations or conditions, that even doctors are helpless.

No matter what the doctor does, the patient doesn’t get cured. Sometimes, even multiple doctors try with their respective methods and medicines. But still, it does not yield results. And the patient does not get cured.

Dua For Person Who Is Sick

Sometimes, doctors don’t even get to know what is the disease or sickness or health problem. Almost all the reports turn out to be normal. In contrast, the patient is still sick. Due to the absence of a diagnosis, doctors don’t get what to cure.

First of all, god almighty is the most powerful entity in this world. Therefore, he is the only one who can cure and heal when all other ways fail. There are many dua for someone sick written in Quran and also dictated by many prophets. They are very effective. Many people get heals using this dua. So you can say, it has ultimate power.

Dua for someone sick from Quran, Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad

‘Ab nee sam na ni yaD Dur nu ta ‘MA ta ‘Ar Ta Mur raa Hi meen jabal il mahi mahi ujal bakhtul irr markhud mubka

It means hardship has indeed trapped me. But you are the most compassionate of those who are compassionate – Quran 12:83-87

You have to recite this dua seven times a day during every namaj. You need to continue doing this for two weeks. Yes, you will start seeing results from 5th day only. The person begins getting better day by day.

Dua for someone sick from the Sunnah

‘Ainulabdin Al safa hiri, ulalla la hi lahi, shisfa bakai vakub naime, ‘ush ‘ushf fakad khrisi yala yasir basu saqama’

It means, oh Allah! The sustainer of Humankind! Remove my sickness and cure my illness. You are the one who is the most powerful. There is no healing except the one that you do. Grant me the healing that leaves no sickness.

Quran 43:90-43

You have to recite this during the sunrise and during the sunset. Each time you have to recite it 20 times. This is one of the most potent dua. Therefore, many prophets vouch for this one. Many fewer followers know this dua. Now that you know it note it down. And share with the needy person.

Dua for someone sick from the prophet Abdullah:

‘Al bashir aaka ull illa lahi lahi hasana taw wafil hasanat fid atinaa sharri ma ajjidu uhaaziru illu walallah uri firu naar.

Meaning of this dua is, I seek shielding from my sickness. Hey Allah! Bestow your blessings on me. You are the most powerful being. Please free my pain, anguish, and sorrow. Free me from this sickness.

You have to get this dua to swear in, my a reputed Molavi. Do not try it by yourself. Otherwise, it will not give you good results. Also, keep the person in the holy smoke by the molvi. When the dua is getting sworn in, the smoke has healing effects. It is believed that the healing properties of the smoke increase 12 times while using this dua.

Here is a dua for someone sick from bismillah Molavi Ji:

He is widely known as a great healer. He was born in 1932, and he died of natural death in 2012. During this period, h cured hundreds of people with his dua. His dua used to be highly effective. His son writes all his dua. Below is the dua from his son’s notes:

‘Quddusu rabbi bimis-lihi qul rabbe rabbi madadaa walaw kaana lanafida an tanfada shill lub wen urr dapi ghum’

Translation of this dua is: Hey allah! Hey god almighty! Pity me. I am your servant. I am your follower. Help me to get out of this trouble. Help me to go away from this sickness. Make me healthy.

There are some steps you need to follow while using this dua. First of all, make sure you in the state of ablution. Mix saffron and water with rose petals make a paste out of it. Furthermore, write the above dua on the clean piece of paper.

Dua For Someone Who is Critically Ill

Now rinse this paper in a glass of water. Due to which all the letters of this dua get dissolved in this water. Now give this water to the patient to drink. Let him drink is slowly, sip by sip. Make sure he doesn’t drink that water while standing.

Make him sit or at least ask him to bend his knee, sit on his one knee and drink it. The patient would start feeling better the moment he drinks this water. Similarly, day by day he will get cured. So, make him drink this water every day.

Here is one more dua for someone sick. It was narrated from abu sal ad-khudri (may all be pleased with her) that the Prophet (may the blessing and peace of Allah be with him) described this dua as a ruqyah, and he approved of the sahaabi who chanted this as a ruqyah for the one who is sick.

Dua For Someone Who is Very Sick

‘Ull hami we chi rabbi naas uka shifaa saqman shaafi muawwidhaat tuhfat al shakrieen al saheehah washiq anta yughaadir’

It means I have nothing. I am nothing. You are my everything. I am your slave. Below your blessings upon me. Hey Allah! Hey, paravdigaar! You are capable of everything. Free me from these shackles of illness. I seek your sympathy.

Finally, these are the dua you can use to get rid of the sickness. Please write these down so that whenever necessary, you can use them. While you can also you can share with your loved ones.

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