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Dua To Make Husband Romantic

Dua To Make Husband Romantic or to get husband attention can be use to attract husband towards wife. We will provide you dua for husband closer to love his wife only.

How Can I Make My Husband Romantic With Me In Islam?

We all are aware of the power of Dua. Dua help to get rid off all types of problems and assists us in living our life happily. It makes the complex processes easier. Just have to believe in God and do Dua with pure soul. Allah will surely assist you. Similarly, couples usually don’t get time for each other in a busy schedule, leading to disputes or less communication.

Every wife needs the love, care, and attention of the person they get married to not because they want, but because they deserve it. If they don’t get their husbands’ care and love, they make Dua to get the husband’s attention. If you do Dua properly, you will get your husband’s attention for sure. There are different mantras to get your husband’s attention in several ways. We will discuss everything here.

Dua To Make Husband Romantic

Dua To Make Husband Romantic

Once you get your love, you would expect your husband to be romantic. For that, you can do Dua to make your husband romantic by reciting the mantra. Every relationship has some fight, disputes, but that doesn’t mean you will give up on your partner. Everything has a solution, so does it. If you have applied everything and worked on your relationship, then dua is the best way to get yourself blessed from God’s grace. This is the best dua for couples:

Fasubh’aanallad’ee Biy Adihee Malakootu Kulli Sshay-Iw Wa Ilayhi Turja-O’on

The procedure for reciting the mantra is as follows:-

  1. Recite dua 254 times.
  2. You have to recite this dua before doing your maghrib namaz
  3. Take a bath while you are performing this wazifa.
  4. You have to do this wazifa on Jumma day.
  5. Recite Ya Uffuv-vo 11 times.

Reciting the dua correctly with obligation will bear you a fruitful result. I hope this mantra in getting your husband to love you back. Once the mantra works, you will see the tremendous changes in your life. He will start caring for you. He will start doing little good things that you will admire and make you feel special and lucky in your life.

Dua To Get Husband Attention

Dua To Get Husband Attention, Every wife does dua to get her husband’s attention. Once wives get attention, they need them to be heard. Because being a human being, everyone has something to share, and after getting married, a wife expects her husband to be heard. When a wife doesn’t get that from her husband, she gets depressed.

So, to get that, you need to do dua to make your husband listen. Your husband will get attracted to you and listen to you. To get the procedure for it, you can get it from Molvi Sab. he will guide you properly and help you get your husband’s attention.

Dua To Get Husband Attention is as below:-

  1. To practice the dua to make your husband think of you, take a bath and make ablution.
  2. Now recite two rakat nafil namaz.
  3. In both the Rakat, recite Surah Al-lkjlas after Surah Faitha.
  4. Then after completing the namaz, recite “Ya Azeezo” 1100 times.
  5. And, then pray for the dua to make him think of me.
  6. Keep doing this for seven days continuously without fail.
  7. Insha Allah, with the help of the dua to make him think of me, very soon you will get immense love and respect from your husband and become his beloved.

Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife

Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife, If you are looking for any mantra that works as dua to attract husband towards wife, then you have come to the right place. He will fall in love with you by reciting the mantra. Recite “Ar Rahim” 40 times. You can recite this mantra after every dua you do. There is no restriction that you have to recite it after the dua or before the dua only. Recite every mantra wholeheartedly and see the miracles working in your life. Everything works once you believe and work on it. In the same way, believe and recite the mantra to make Dua get the husband’s attention. To attract your husband you also need to provide more love to your husband and for it you can use wazifa for wife to love her husband.

Procedure for dua to attract husband towards wife

  1. First, you have to make a fresh wuzu.
  2. Then you have to perform the mention above dua for husband for 51times.
  3. Please write the name on paper of your husband take it into your hand.
  4. Then recite Darood Sharif 22 times.
  5. Recite surah for 456 times.
  6. Perform surah muzammil for 86 times.
  7. Perform this dua from Sunday.

This dua should be performed for eight days. Once you complete the procedure, you will see the changes in your life.

Dua To Make Husband Closure To His Wife

Dua To Make Husband Closure To His Wife, Everything seems good initially, but gradually everything fades the same way love does. So, if want to do dua for husband closer to love his wife only, then follow the below steps:-

Biya dihee Fasubh  aanallad’ee Wa Ilayhi Mala kootu Kulli Turja-O’on Sshay-Iw

  • Recite dua for 254 times. Recite the dua before Magrib namaz.
  • Take a bath while you are performing this wazifa.
  • You have to do this wazifa on Jumma day.
  • Recite ya uffuv-vo 11 times.

This mantra will work, and you will see excellent results in your life. The mantra does work, and Masha Allah, it will work for you also. Practice it wholeheartedly.


Dua to make husband romantic has been the concern of every wife who is not getting the attention, love care, support from her husband. It’s her husband, and she would expect all the things that she desired from him. Here you will get every mantra and procedure about how the Dua can be done, and mantras can be recited. The mantras do work if performed and recited correctly, and that’s what is discussed here. The change will be seen in life. If a good chance comes, then life becomes heaven, and that’s what we want to do by sharing the Duas with you to make you live a happy life with your husband.

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