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Dua to Stop Forced Marriage

Wazifa or dua to stop marriage – While taking a vital decision in a person’s life, his or her will stands important and has to have come first and no matter what. And, indeed marriage is such a decision, unfortunately in our country and specially in our committee, it becomes the matter of concern for everyone except the girl and the boy, who finally have to spend their lives with the person they are getting married to.

Dua to Stop Forced Marriage

Dua to Stop Forced Marriage

Islam is a progressive religion since the very beginning as it came to the people to break them away from the constraints posed by then society, but unfortunately we all are victims of our own backward thinking. Allah is the true judge of all our lives as he is going to judge us all on the final day and Allah at the same time is the most beloved being, he loves each one of us beyond all our expectations. And along with all this love, he keeps you and your choices first. There have been time and again instances, especially at the occasions of marriage in Islam where choice of the girl or the boy was taken first. Their view points, preferences and likes and dislikes should logically come first too as after all it is their life.

Dua to cancel marriage

But, it is heartening to see a marriage has become a matter of ego, status, reputation between two families. And, patriarchy is so deep that the moment a girl reaches and age she is forced to get married. And, even her parents try to recognize her choices and her ambitions and her goals which she aims to achieve in the near future then society forces them to think otherwise. In all our cultures a girl is meant to go to the other house and the moment she is born her parents start to save for her marriage.

There are many stories to look up to and the first one come to my mind is of our beloved prophet. His wife Hazrat Khadija sent him the marriage proposal at that time and today, when all these centuries have passed away, such a thing is not expected from a girl. If you are reading this and you are a parent, then please this simple thing in your mind, any forced marriage is not acceptable in Islam and as a parent your child’s happiness should come first rather than the societal pressure or vacant arguments of your relatives. Please start thinking in other terms too like if you force your kid in a marriage then it would become nothing but a lifelong compromise, he or she will stay depressed and there wouldn’t be any love. And the only result of such marriages are bitter ends which I am sure would not be liked by any one.

Dua to stop marriage proposal

And, if you are the one who is forced into a marriage, then do not worry, Allah the almighty will inshallah have it all sorted. Keep your mind clean from any devilish thought, this is not the end of the world. Have a little faith on yourself, you have all the command over your life and you have all the right to say no. and those who are real followers of Islam around you will know that, a girls or a boy’s outright refusal to a marriage should not be taken forward. And, in case they are not letting you have a say then there is always Allah to go to. His doors are always open to each one of us and he will definitely save you from all your troubles.

the people who are getting married are no more kids and are mature adults. They have their own desires and might be there is someone with whom they want to get married to and spent their rest of lives with. Society usually look at such relations with suspicion but what if they are pious and some real beating of hearts. No body except Allah knows the real truth so my suggestion to the people around is that they should stop judging the people.

Dua to Stop Forced Marriage

Dua to Stop Forced Marriage

Allah will certainly back those who are getting victimised in such cases. Do a sincere dua to him, go to him with a troubled heart and inshallah you will return with peace in it. Here you are highly suggested to read and recite any Durood shareef as much as you can. This will surely keep your mind and heart at peace and will give you strength to deal with the circumstances.

Forced marriage solution in islam

Allah is our permanent refuge and if he has given troubles then inshallah he will only take them away. Recite the following dua for a 100 times,

“HasbunAllahuwaNi’mal wakil” the meaning of this dua is that Allah alone is sufficient and he is the best disposer of Affairs. In the event of fear and anxiety and such severe times of test, all those who are in need of it should resort to this glorious ayat of Qur’an and inshallah it will help you get liberated from the cage of forceful marriage.

Now, let’s have a little moment of truth here. Nobody can help us if we are not ready to help our own selves. You should learn to stand up for own self, there are certain battles which we have to fight on our own and may be this is the one which requires such action. You have all the right to say no, if you are not happy with it and if you are saying a no then make it powerful enough and make them hear it who really need to listen. If you are holding yourself back for the sake of your parents, then remember they love you and want to see you happy. Tell them your part of the story and I am sure they will understand it as they can never stay happy, if you are not. Some time we tend to overthink things when its solution is the simplest. May Allah pull you out of this trouble soon and he will. Ameen,


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