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Special Dua For Something You Really Want

Special Dua For Something You Really Want, They say a sincere dua is the heart of worship, the only but strong link between you and Allah. Dua is that medium through which you reach out to the almighty for all your troubles, to seek answers to all the unanswered questions and to have all your desires fulfilled.

Allah the Almighty is the provider of us all, and the only one to take care of things which are beyond us. As humans we all are dependent beings. Like a child who cannot survive without his mother or without someone with all time care, there are certain things for which we are dependent on Allah.

Special Dua For Something You Really Want

Special Dua For Something You Really Want

There are your certain desires, wishes and some genuine wants which even after your deliberate efforts and round the clock hard work are not fulfilled. For example, the job you desire above all, good marks in exams or an important deal in the business and even visa to abroad.

But, there are some times when even after doing everything right, we are not able to get what we truly want. Untimely hurdles cross your way and when you are just a step away from having your desire, it gets slip away. Our hearts finds satisfaction only when we get what we truly want. Fortunately, Allah knows it all and he is secretly working upon it when you are not. All you have to do is to ask.

Dua for something to happen fast

All your legitimate wishes will be granted if you pray to Allah with all your heart and soul, look for his help in all your namaz, communicate your desire to him and beg for his help. You might have seen people in the mosque or even in your homes.

who after completing their namaz, pray to allah with their hands up and teary eyes. Crying like a child because they know Allah is the only facilitator, the one who can truly grant their wishes and remove all their problems. If you really want to get what you wish, it is time do all this.

Allah is just waiting for you to come to him. He even listens to an atheist, who comes to him in the time of the need then why wouldn’t he listen to you as you are the believers. Just pray with all your faith and without a doubt in your hearts.

You should know that doubt is the plot of shaitan (Satan) as he always wants to distance you from Allah the almighty. Delay doesn’t mean that he is not listening at times he is just testing your faith or may be letting the right time to come.

You can surely have what you really want. Firstly, you have to be really regular with namaz. As namaz is the only medium to reach out Allah, to communicate to him and if you don’t go to him regularly how will you ask him what you really want.

Asking allah for something impossible-

There are many surahs in Qura’n which will help you get what you really want, they will make your dua float to Allah in no time and have your wish granted. After your Namaz and before making dua you can always recite, Surah Fatiha, Ayat-Ul-Kursi, Surah Yasin, Surah Mulk, Surah Rehman and Surah Ikhlas. According to the scholars, Ayat-Ul-Kursi, is the best surah to have your wish granted as it has ism- e-azam (great name of all) and by reciting this you can surely get whatever you want.

Dua to make someone do what you want- OTHER DUAS:-

You can also recite, Rabbi inni limaa anzalta illaiya min khairin faqeer oh my lord! I am indeed needy of whatever good you may send to me. They say desperation is the sign of ikhlas or sincerity and through this dua you are asking for Allah’s help as he is the only one to provide with your want.

Also, recite, Laa illaaha illalahu wadahula sharika lahu Lahul Mulku Walahul Hmdu wa Huwa ‘Ala kulli shain kadir’. According to our holy prophet he who says this dua with a sincere heart, attesting with the truth of that with his tongue, Allah will surely tears open the sky and look through all the people for him who said it. And the reward of the person at whom Allah is looking at is that he gets what he truly wants.

Allah is the pure one, the granter of all our wishes. He is the only one worthy of worship, as he is the creator and the lord of all the skies and Earths. In the words of our lovely prophet, if a person really wants to have his wish granted, he should perform wudhu properly, perform two rakaats Nafill namaz praise Allah and send durood and after that recite, Surah Fatiha. You can surely have the wish of your hearts.

Dua to ask allah for help

Allah is the all time listener; he even listens to those who cannot speak. He is like a true friend who always helps in need. But, it is also our duty to do what we are expected of doing, as he help those who help themselves. You cannot expect to get good marks in exam without studying and later blaming Allah.

Hard work always pays off, so it is your moral obligation to make sure that to do what is needed. Allah sees it all and keeps account of all our actions. They say he who do halal work, look for the ways of halal earnings, feed his children with that earning, is always being rewarded.

That person will never need to ask allah as he is the one who is already on his path, he will finf success in all his works, his nights will be peaceful and have happiness all around him.

So, it is better to always take care before striving for something which is not right, which Allah doesn’t approve of. Allah is the most beneficial and most merciful, he cares for you more than you care for yourself. May Allah grant all your wishes. Ameen.

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