Kala Jadu Se Hifazat Ki Dua

Kala Jadu Se Hifazat Ki Dua 5/5 (6)

Kala Jadu Se Hifazat Ki Dua

Kala Jadu Se Hifazat Ki Dua or bachne ki dua can be called ko khatam karne ki dua. We will provide you kala jadu ka ilaj quran se to remove it completely.

Science and technology have advanced so much that we now have an explanation even for negative energy. Kala jadu also known as black magic, is casting evil energy or negative energy. People who want our downfall will do things which will harm us and destroy our businesses and families.

Kala Jadu Se Hifazat Ki Dua

Kala Jadu Se Hifazat Ki Dua

The results of black magic can be devastating as well as life-taking. Black magic is a double edge sword. People who practice black magic are also at risk. With the latest movies and shows supporting this idea, there is widespread awareness about Black magic.

People started believing in paranormal activities, which were once termed as a hoax. So it is very much prevalent that as long as positive energy exists, even negative energy exists.

To protect ourselves from negative energy, we need the divine grace of God. A dua can help relieve and protect from black magic. No other power in this world is Supreme apart from the Almighty god. A dua can help protect the family from external intrusions in the form of black magic.

A Dua is a simple and effective way to get rid of black magic from life. People need to understand that instead of going around fake prophets, religious priests, and other means, it is best if they invest their time and energy in seeking Dua. There are some strong Dua which can be rehearsed easily at any time to get quality results.

Kala Jadu Se Bachne Ki Dua

Kala Jadu Se Bachne Ki Dua, We would at first look at ways to protect or avoid black magic. Quran speaks about a particular prayer. This prayer has the power to protect us from Black magic. Not just black magic but also from evil spirits or free spirits like Gini which can possess and trouble individuals.

This particular prayer was reported by Al-Hakim 1 / 562 in the Quran. The person reciting this prayer while waking up from bed will protect him till it is dark in the evening.

The one who says this before going to bed will protect him from the evil till he gets up in the morning. On the whole, this particular prayer protects one form dawn to dusk. This prayer has to do before sunset and just after sunrise.

Here goes the Dua or prayer, which reads out as Allah I seek refuge in you Allah protect me from the Satan outcast. There is none worthy of worship but you Allah! You are, the Ever-Living and you are the ones who are today tomorrow and yesterday. You protect all that exists. The one who protects (Allah) neither slumber nor sleep any time.

You own everything that is in the heavens and whatever that is found on the Earth. Who can touch your son/daughter without your permission? You (Allah) know what will happen to your disciples here in this life and aftermath.

Your disciples will never encompass any knowledge apart from the things you provide. Your (Allah’s) thrones extend in heaven and on Earth, and you are not tired of protecting it. You (Allah) are the highest and greatest!

Kala Jadu Ko Khatam Karne Ki Dua

Kala Jadu Ko Khatam Karne Ki Dua, Kaal jadu or Black Magic is very lethal. It can destroy families, cause death in families, and bring about disruptions in the family. So people search for a Dua that can end the black magic.

As Allah is the supreme authority with all the power in the Universe, seeking him can destroy all the harmful, and ill-effects black magic can do onto them. Here is the Dua and you can use this to send away the evil.

For the treatment of BLACK MAGIC SURAH TA-HA, VERSE 68,69
The Explanation of the verse is as follows:

It was when Fir`awn and Hazrat Musa (A.S) had an agreement to meet at a specified place at a specific time. Fir`awn began summoned all the magicians small and big from the cities of his kingdom. Those days Magic was in high demand.

Then all the magicians gathered to perform, Allah the exalted informed Muas about what was going to happen and asked him to carry a stick with him. The magicians big and small performed magic to their limit and turned ropes and sticks into snakes until they were all filled in the lake nearby.

At the right time, Allah asked Musa, who was terrified along with the people to throw his stick into the lake. The stick turned a big monster and devoured all other things in the lake.

This proved that that which is made of a magician’s trick would never be successful, to whatever amount of skill it is performed.  Therefore, all the magicians realized and fell into prostration to Allah. They said that they believe in the Lord of all that exists, the Lord of Musa and Harun is the true god.

Kala Jadu Ka Ilaj Quran Se

Kala Jadu Ka Ilaj Quran Se, Quran also offers a remedy for black magic. Here is the Dua that helps in curing black magic.

First of all, this is an authentic Hadith; it has only three narrators between Imam Ahmad and the Prophet. However, the listener did not understand it as he was not a follower of Allah.

Tawhid is the Most Trustworthy Handhold Allah’s statement, for he Whoever, disbelieves in Taghut (evil) and believes in the almighty Allah, Then the person has chosen the most trustworthy hand that hand will not leave him in any situation. It also says that all those people who worship evil in the world and intend harm to the followers of Allah will be punished.

They will get to know that there is no one else than the mighty Allah who is in charge of this Universe.  As a covenant, this believer or the person relieved of the evil possession will follow Allah wholeheartedly and will follow him with all his might.

He shall mend his ways and stay away from the Evil paths. For Almighty, Allah has taken hold of him and will protect and flourish him against all evil entities.

This is a Dua one can approach from the Quran to grant them peace and protection. It will also help in curing the people of evil possessions.

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