Dua for Protection Against the Torment of the Grave 5/5 (19)

Dua for Protection Against the Torment of the Grave

Powerful Dua to seek protection Against the Torment of the Grave- With each passing day, we all are heading towards our ultimate destination and that is, to the grave. One day or the other we all will be laid in our homes covered in a white cloth. Allah commands us to remember our death every day, so that we can realise, where we are, is a mere journey, and the final destination is beyond. Fear of the grave is essential as it makes us realise that one we will lie in it lifeless and it is only Allah the Almighty who is maker and destroyer of life.

The torment of the grave is actually the punishment we all are going to suffer as we lay in it after we die till the time of the judgement where we will be taken to our final destinations. All the sinners will face the wrath of the grave for their sins and righteous people, who followed the path of the Allah throughout their lives, will find it peaceful and blessed and full of light. They it is the darkness which kills you the most in there, but your actions and deeds will act as a light in it.

Dua for Protection Against the Torment of the Grave

Dua for Protection Against the Torment of the Grave

What you saw today, you will reap in the future. There is a reason for everything and we all build our graves by our deeds of the present. No matter how fancy grave you buy for yourself or your loved one, that will not save you from the terror of it. We all have to go through it, he who is righteous will only find peace in it. The torment of the grave is true and will happen to both, to the soul and to the body. Allah will appoint his divine beings who are the angels to interrogate you for the actions you committed in that one life he bestowed upon you. Every single second of it will be accounted for and you will be punished for every single misdeed of yours, the one you did with hand and the one in mind.

For the righteous and the pious Muslim, who was a believer throughout his life, the door of the paradise will open for him and he will enjoy the bounties of the paradise till he will be called to the judgement day and the disbeliever and the unrighteous, who doubted Allah all his life and was an oppressor and the disbeliever, the door to hell for him will be opened and he will suffer the brutalities of the hell till the time of the judgement will come. There are many hadith which can be quoted here, as they prove that when a believer dies, seventy thousand angels will participate in his funeral and when he will enter the grave, he will be asked the three questions, which will be asked to each one of us which are:

  • Who is your god?
  • What is your religion?
  • Who is your prophet?

All the believers among us will answer them with all the confidence and their faith and tongues will not waiver. the disbelievers will shake in terror and stumble upon these questions. The grave of a believer will expand to the point an eye can see and the grave of the disbeliever will shrink to the point where he cannot even move and will be squeezed in it . his grave will be filled with chocking darkness.


If you will know today what will happen to you in the grave, then believe me from that moment on you will shake with the horror of it. You don’t even want to imagine the horrifying faces of the Munkar and Nakir, as they are going to be the one who will question you. And, if you fail to answer their questions, the earth will collapse till your ribcage will break . your grave will be filled with the worms which will eat your dead body piece by piece. The terror of the grave will continue till the judgement day.


Dua for protection against the torment of the grave:

Firstly, your actions and indeed right actions are the only one which will save you from the torment of the grave. Be a believer always, no matter what don’t let your faith on his waiver. He is for you, he is the one who has created you and will protect you from all the tests of this life and after. You doubt on him will lead you nowhere but even a little faith will take you to the heights, he and his ways are always rewarding.

Dua for Protection:

The following dua will provide you with the ultimate protection.

“Allahummainniaudhubika min Adhabi I qabr, wa min Adhabin-nar, wa min fitnatimin-I- mahyawaimamat, wa min fitnati I masihaddajjal”

The meaning is O Allah I seek in you the protection from the torment of the grave, from the punishment of the Hellfire and from the afflictions of the life and death and the afflictions of the Al massif al dajjal.

The punishment in the grave will become an endless cycle and you will go through it repeatedly till the final time comes. Read it as much as you can and be fearful, as in this modern time we only believe what we can see and usually mock such things. No matter you believe them or not, they are the eternal truth and will happen. And when it all happen to you, there would be no time to regret as your time of repentance will be over.


Be a believer and do what you should as a true Muslim. Do namaz, keep the fast, be fearful and believer of Allah and do the charity. Your mistakes will be forgiven only by him but you should try always as your efforts are the only thing which is dear to him. He acknowledges them, no matter how small they are. May your faith stay strong throughout. Ameen.


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