Shadi ki Bandish ka Tor ka Wazifa 5/5 (12)

Shadi ki Bandish ka Tor ka Wazifa

wazifa for shadi bandish- The moment a girl is born in a family; her parents begin to build dreams about getting her married to a suitable boy belonging to a well off family. Even for a boy too, his family is always on a look for a beautiful and manner-able girl. But, in these changing times, there are many girls and boys who have come of age and waiting to get married. But, for some reason or the other, it has become so difficult for them to find a suitable match. Even when there is no problem with the girl or the boy as they are beautiful in their appearance, wealthy and have all the required qualities. But, even after considerable progress in a marriage proposal, things do not go ahead smoothly and it breaks for an unknown reason.

Shadi ki Bandish ka Tor ka Wazifa

Shadi ki Bandish ka Tor ka Wazifa

It has become so common in our society that there are many parents sitting worried that what is exactly happening to their lids. No matter how much they try, they cannot get their children married. Reasons could be many but the situation becomes so precarious when there is no reason at all. Allah has mysterious ways to function and these desperate moments he finds ways to teach us the lessons. So, it is time to do some retrospection and look back that in the past what you have done wrong or is there any promise which you have made to Allah and is unable to fulfill. And, if you couldn’t recall, there one solution which every Islamic scholar regularly prescribes is to repeatedly do Namaze Tauba so that you can earn forgiveness of Allah and you have all the ease in this matter.

Shadi ki bandish door karne ka wazifa

still if things don’t seem to go right then you should know that Allah the Almighty, is the most merciful being and he cares more than you care for yourself. And if he has given you the pain and this trouble, he is the only one who will provide you with a solution. Have some patience and keep asking Allah for his help. Namaz has given you all the power, make a dua with all your heart to him and he will remove the strongest of the blockade (bandish) will inshallah break away.

It is prescribed that the girl and the boy under the bandish, should be regular with their namaz and constantly ask Allah to ease out their troubles and have them married to a suitable partner. Allah is like a best friend and what he like the most is a constant conversation, so go to him and speak out your heart. He is also the most forgiving one, no matter what wrong you have done in the past, just ask him for the forgiveness and he will forgive you in no time. These things are common and there is absolutely no need to worry, you will be out of this trouble in no time.

Shadi ki bandish khatam karne ka wazifa

also no one is perfect and you cannot get everything in one person and if you rejecting marriage proposals for your daughters and sons for one reason or the other, then you are defying Allah in this way. You cannot expect to go after all the good and start looking for good proposal based on the path of the Allah and Inshallah he will ease your troubles. Too many expectations are also not good and we all have to compromise in one way or the other. I hope you are not making this stupid mistake as you need to be firm with your faith in Allah and he will not disappoint you. All you should look for the safety and Happiness of your children and not the materialistic things.

Shadi ki bandish ka tod

If you find it hard to get your daughter or son married and even after your sincere and diligent effort, no good is happening and they are aging. Then don’t worry Allah will ease all your troubles in no time:

The Process of the Wazifa:

  • After the fajar namaz, recite Surah Muzammil for one time.
  • Then, all the four rules for three times.
  • In the end, you should recite ayat al kursi for one time.
  • Blow this in a glass of water and drink it and also apply it on your face.
  • You should repeat this amal for 11 days and inshallah, your blockage will go away and marriage bells will ring soon.


shadi ki bandish ka ilaj ka wazifa:

  • After the fajar namaz, recite Subhan Allahi, ya wadoodo for 207 times and recite for 11 times, Durood Shareef before and after.
  • After maghrib namaz, read surah muzammil once too.
  • Inshallah after doing this, you will begin to receive good marriage proposals and within a year your child or if you are doing this for yourself, then in a year your marriage will happen.

Charity in Islam has a lot of importance and it is or can be a real solution to all your problems. So, from now on you should make a point that you do the sadka or the zakat, whenever it is possible. When you help others, then Allah helps you too. Make people happy with these small gestures and happiness will never leave you. Do these amals regularly and with sheer faith on Allah. May be in delay there is his blessing and he just wants you to have the best or get the best. And indeed, this is his plan. Be patient always and never lose your faith in him.

Love him and pray to him constantly. He will make things perfect in no time. In such matters, rushing is never good, so do what you should and he will do what he can as he has always been doing. Nothing is permanent and this is just a phase. Soon the blockage will be over and your house will be ringing with the marriage bells. He has all the plans settles for you and he reveals it at the right time. Be faithful. May your trouble will end soon. Ameen.


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