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Wazifa For Childless Couples

Wazifa For Childless Couples or easy wazifa and tips to get pregnant faster can be called dua to get pregnant after miscarriage. Use our wazifa for safe pregnancy. Having a kid in the family is beautiful. And if he is your child, then it is happiness. But some couples are unable to enjoy this gift and feels lifeless. They feel like darkness in their life. There is no hope left for them.

If you are one of them, then don’t get hopeless. Allah never fails to give surprises to his disciples. With his easy wazifa and tips to get pregnant faster, you will soon realize the beauty of pregnancy. Life will start growing within you soon. Your hopelessness will soon convert into the full spirit.

Wazifa For Childless Couples

Wazifa For Childless Couples

But sometimes, the only ray of hope to have a child also gets lost with an unexpected miscarriage. It breaks your heart even more. It also increases the biological complexity of becoming pregnant. To rescue you from such mishaps, Allah has kept something for you. The dua to get pregnant after miscarriage gives you the insurance to have a swift and smooth pregnancy without any health risks or complications.

Often any mishaps and poor health condition becomes a reason for life risk during pregnancy. An unhealthy baby can also take birth because of this. But don’t get so much conscious about that. If you perform the wazifa for safe pregnancy, then you can stay tension-free. These Wazifas are best if done with full faith. Don’t lose faith in the lord. He always wants your best. You be a bit careful and leave everything for him.

Easy Wazifa And Tips To Get Pregnant Faster

Easy Wazifa And Tips To Get Pregnant Faster, Society often sidelines those who don’t have a child. She gets categorized as unlucky. Often medical treatments fail to fulfill this wish her. As a result, many get depressed. If you are one of them, don’t worry. There always have a solution in Islam. A child can come into this world with the blessing of Allah. You must also perform this easy wazifa and tips to get pregnant faster. Its steps are very simple follow this-

  • First, sit in such a posture that your toe touches the ground.
  • Then pour some drops of hot water in your palm and rub it thoroughly.
  • Following that, read durood e insaf for 24 times without interruption.
  • Do the reading every day for the next one month.

You must follow the easy wazifa and tips to get pregnant faster with full dedication. And soon you can hear the good news from the doctor. But please remember that while praying, you must have your full concentration in communicating with God. If you want a baby boy then use our dua for baby boy in pregnancy.

In case if you have any hormonal or menstrual problems, then you would follow a different wife. It would be better in that way. Just recite fi ‘Adam crib for ten consecutive days. Allah is omnipotent, and he hears you always irrespective of who you are. So don’t feel bad if you don’t have a child now. With the easy wazifa and tips to get pregnant faster, you will find new hope. Soon you can hear your child’s giggling in all corners of your house.

Dua To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

Dua To Get Pregnant After Miscarriage, Getting pregnant for a woman after a miscarriage is like almost getting a second life. It makes your life more colorful and vibrant.  Complications after pregnancy are natural and unavoidable. Sometimes doctors also give no hope regarding that. But where humans fail, Allah shows his magic. Only he had the power to create a new life even after complications. The dua to get pregnant after a miscarriage is the only way through which your wish comes true.

The below-mentioned procedure can perform the dua-

  • On the next day of Eid ul Fitr begin the dua to get pregnant after miscarriage.
  • In the morning, do your Fajr prayer and sit in a comfortable posture.
  • Now make an ablution while secretly making a wish.
  • Then read the entire verse called  Surah Al Fatir from the Qur’an without any interruption from outside.
  • Then recite the dua ùrid an akun am for 200 times.
  • After completion, recites Durood e surah six times, which injects a substantial amount of positive vibes in you.
  • Now blow them off in a glass of milk. Drink it after your morning meal.
  • Repeat this dua for two months without forgetting a single day.

Now don’t panic, everything will be fine. You can again become pregnant even if you have a miscarriage recently. The dua to get pregnant after miscarriage makes your health more stable than before. It helps you to fight if in case any complexity arises. With the name of God, all your pain gets vanished and makes you a happy and healthy mother.

Wazifa For Safe Pregnancy

Wazifa For Safe Pregnancy, Every expected mother gets over-conscious about their health during their pregnancy period. It’s quite natural as for some mothers, the health of the mother is of prime importance. Some even inherit some diseases like high blood pressure through this process. The wazifa for safe pregnancy is a holy guarantee for this kind of tension. It ensures that both you and your baby will be safe during the entire pregnancy cycle and even after the delivery.

The wazifa for safe pregnancy requires the following steps-

  • Before initiating, take a bath to clean yourself from all impurities surrounding you. Then wear some tint color clothes preferably made of wool.
  • First, do your daily evening Isha prayer in a comfortable posture.
  • Then sit in the meditation posture if possible while performing the wazifa.
  • Make sure that you are seated in enough lighted room.
  • Light a candle before you start reciting the dua.
  • Then recite the dua yrja jaeal ahmil maintain twenty times slowly.
  • Following that, take a look at chapter 24 of the Quran with full enthusiasm.
  • Do the pronunciation correctly.
  • Then meditate for ten minutes and communicate with Allah Tallah about your delivery worries and tensions.

Believe it! You will feel much more confident after feeling the blessing of God. All your complicating health conditions you are ongoing will slowly improve. Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life. Don’t get too much concerned about the future. Allah is protecting you from all odds and dangers that will come your way. Thus, wazifa for childless couples by Allah is a small effort to make those couples blessed with a child that they never expected.

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