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Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick or to get rid of enemy can be use to punish enemy. Use our strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone and safe from enemy.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick

When we approach the heights of success and happiness in our life, many people turn into enemies. They seek to harm us. While some enemies wish to snatch away our happiness, some wish for harm and sadness for us. If you have any such enemies in your life, here is a guide to wazifa to get the enemy. Also, you will learn the strong wazifa to destroy the enemy or someone and the wazifa to punish the enemy

How to perform wazifa to make the enemy sick?

  • After performing the FajrNamaz, recite two rakat Nafil Namaz.
  • Recite Surah AlamNashrah in the first Rakat after Surah Fatiha.
  • Recite Surah Al-Feel in the second Rakat after Surah Fatiha.
  • Think of your enemy while doing the wazifa to make the enemy sick.
  • After the Namaz, pray to Allah for making your enemy sick.

Performing this wazifa with a clear conscience and a pure heart will make your enemy sick. All the evil-wishers will be wiped out from your life under the shadow of Allah talah. Another way is use our surah kausar for enemies to make your enemies sick.

Wazifa To Get Rid of The Enemy

Wazifa To Get Rid of The Enemy, Sometimes your enemy unnecessarily creates problems for you and keeps on bickering about you. Therefore, you may feel irritated and want to get rid of him or put him down. Hence, here we mention the wazifa to get rid of the enemy. All you need to do is recite the dua in Hadith 7, which is given below.

Allahummamunzilal-kitab, wamujriyas-sahab, wahazimal-Ahzab, ihzimhumwansurnaalaihim”

(O Allah, Revealer of the Book, Disperser of the clouds, Defeater of the Confederates, put our enemy to rout and support us against them).” This dua was told to the people by the messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam (PBUH). He asked people not to encounter the enemy. Rather people should pray to Allah for guarding them against the enemy. Recite this dua at least seven times a day after the Namaz. Doing this wazifa to get rid of the enemy will surely work in your favor. Get protection against all your enemies using dua to seek protection from hardships and enemies.

Also, the “Islamic Amal” helps you to get protection from Allah against your enemy and also to ward off any evil eyes looking upon you. The “Islamic Amal” should be used by people who always think of good for the people. Those who, despite being innocent, are humiliated by their enemies should do the amal.

How to perform the Islamic Amal?

  • Recite Surah AlamNashrah immediately after Surah Fateeha in the 1strak’ at of Farz during the prayer of Fajr
  • After ‘Surah Fateha,’ recite Surah Feel in the second rak’ at.
  • Think of your enemy while praying.
  • Pray to Allah with a pure heart to get rid of your enemy just after completing the Namaz of Fajr.
  • Repeat the process consecutively for days until you feel the change.
  • Also, keep reciting the Surah Feel all the day along with the amal.

Strong Wazifa To Destroy Enemy or Someone

Strong Wazifa To Destroy Enemy or Someone, Allah has rewarded us with this beautiful thing called life. He created all of us so that we could live with brotherhood and help each other to grow. But some people in the world don’t feel happy with your growth. Consequently, they seek to harm you and create hurdles in the path of your development.

Therefore, there are several wazifas, duas, taweezs mentioned in the holy book of the Quran. They help you to solve every problem in life. Also, there are strong wazifa to destroy the enemy or someone mentioned in the Quran Shareef. Additionally, you can recite the following wazifa to destroy the enemy or someone

Allah HummaInni As AlukaWa Ata WajjahIlaika Bi MuhammadinNabiyyir Rahmati Ya Muhammad InniKalTawajjah To Bika Ila Rabbi Fi HajatiHaza Li Tikza Li Allah Humma Ba ShafiAtuFiiya

Perform this wazifa for 51 times daily after offering Namaz. Subsequently, Allah Talah will destroy all your enemies the way they deserve, and you will get rid of your enemies.

Strong wazifa to destroy enemy or someone

Inna AaTwainaKalKausar FaaSalliiLirabbika Wannhar Inna ShaaniakahuWal ab tar

Procedure for the strong wazifa to destroy the enemy or someone

  • Complete your Namaz.
  • Take a shower before praying any Salah.
  • Then, pray Salah and then sit down at a peaceful place.
  • Chant Darood Shareef for 11 times and then recite Surah Kausar.
  • Chant Darood Shareef 11 times again at the end of Surah Kausar.
  • After completing all these steps, now you have to make a dua.
  • You will now get whatever you want from your enemy.

Wazifa To Punish The Enemy

Wazifa To Punish The Enemy, Allah Talah doesn’t like people who think ill of others. So he punishes them in a halal manner by himself. However, if your enemy is creating hell out of your life, you can recite the Surah Kausar after the prayer of Asr for 1000 times. Also, while reciting the wazifa to punish the enemy, think of your enemy and pray to Allah for punishing him for his sins.

Also, you can try the following procedure:

  • Make fresh wuzu.
  • Now take a glass of water and recite, “wallaahuughaaleeboon Allaaa Ammreehee” and imagine the face of your foe.
  • Pray to Allah to protect you from their negative intentions and to punish them. In the end, blow on the water thrice.
  • Follow this ritual consecutively for three days. Also, sprinkle water around your house.

If you do this wazifa to punish the enemy, he will begin coming across numerous problems in his life. He will repent for all his sins and will never be able to flourish in life. All you need is to have faith in Allah and use this wazifa to punish the enemy.

Believe in the plan of Allah and that he is guiding all of us on his path. Also, keep in mind that he is the one watching over all of us. Therefore, we don’t need to do anything except praying to Allah for taking away all our pains and misery.

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