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Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone or ya wadud for husband love can be use for love back. Use our ya wadoodo for love between husband and wife.

How To Use Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone?

When you are in love with someone, it is only natural that you would also want the other person to be attracted to you. Attraction without reciprocation can be emotionally difficult to come to terms with.

However, by reciting Ya Wadoodo to attract someone, you can find a way to bring lost love back into your life or make someone attracted to you. Ya Wadoodo is reciting Allah’s favorite name, and when done with devotion, this can have very positive results.

When you recite Ya Wadoodo to attract someone, one of the first pre-requisites is to do so with a pure heart. You have to have purity in your soul for the person to be genuinely attracted to you.

  • One of the simplest ways of making this happen is to recite your five times daily namaz.
  • Then, after namaz, recite Ya Wadoodo for 125000 times.
  • Repeat this procedure for 40 days.
  • After completing 40 days, take a break for three days.
  • Then again, carry on with the ritual for 40 days in the same manner.
  • Eventually, the person you are attracted to will also be attracted to you in return.
Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

Ya Wadoodo To Attract Someone

In the meantime, be sure that you do not do anything which can show greed or lust to the person you are attracted to. Keep patience and carry on with Ya Wadoodo, and you will surely get positive results.

How To Use Ya wadud For Husband Love?

Ya wadud For Husband Love, Getting a husband’s love and support can make life a bed of roses for the wife. Without that, she will never be happy, no matter how many material things she has in her life. But not all marriages are happy, and men can also stray. By reciting Ya Wadud, a wife can increase her chances of getting her husband’s love.

  • First, make proper ablution
  • Make sure you carry on with your five times compulsory namaz every day.
  • Then, for 11 days recite Ya Wadoodo
  • Recite the name for 12500 times.
  • On the eleventh day, as soon as you finish recitation, blow on a glass of water.
  • Make sure your husband drinks the full water

This is a very effective ritual, helping in removing all hurdles from marriage and increasing your husband’s love for you.

On the other hand, you can also ask help from Allah so that he helps you in your endeavor to get your husband’s love.

  • First, make proper ablution and wear clean clothes
  • Next, perform the Isha namaz with devotion
  • Then, read the Durood Shareef
  • Next, for 41 times, recite the Surah- Al- Fatiha non- stop
  • Then, for 59 times, recite the Ya Wadoodo
  • After that, pray to Allah so that your husband loves you
  • Finally, again read the Durood Shareef.

Make sure you read the namaz five times daily along with this ritual for maximum chances of success. When done with pure intentions, your husband will slowly start giving you more attention, and he will start loving you back.

How To Use Ya Wadoodo Wazifa For Love Back?

Ya Wadoodo Wazifa For Love Back, Without love, life appears to be meaningless. You can have all kinds of material possessions, you might have a lot of money, but all of that will not bring you any joy if you do not have anyone to share it with. If you have lost your love, because of problems in your relationship, it is never too late to mend the relationship.

With the following wazifa, you can get the lost love back in your life. You should do this every Thursday.

  • First, make sure you perform ablution and regularly read your namaz five times daily.
  • Also, make sure you read the Holy Quran as much as you can.
  • Then, read the Durood Shareef for three times
  • Then, recite Ya Wadoodo with faith in your heart
  • Next, recite the Ya Raofo with devotion
  • After that, recite Ya Rahimo with love
  • Finally, pray to Allah to bring your lost love back to you.
  • Complete the wazifa by reading the Durood Shareef again for three times.

All the while, think about the person you want to bring back in your life. Keep doing this till you see the person wanting to get back with you.

You can also read Ya Wadoodo and Ya Kabeero together, as this known to increase love between partners. If your partner has left you, he or she will want to come back to you.

How To Use Ya Wadoodo For Love Between Husband And Wife?

Ya Wadoodo For Love Between Husband And Wife, Strong love between husband and wife provides the foundation of a happy marriage and, in turn, a happy family. If there is no love between the partner, then it does not take long for the family to fall apart. Ya Wadoodo, in combination with some other prayers, can help increase love between husband and wife.

Make sure you recite the namaz five times every day.

  • Perform ablution first
  • Then, read Ya Wadoodo with faith
  • Along with that recite the Ya Mohemino
  • Read them together for 6000 times daily for 21 days.
  • You will see greater love between both of you.

There is another wazifa as well for increased love between husband and wife.

  • First, perform ablution.
  • Then, recite Ya Wadoodo for 12000 days during the day.
  • After that, recite Ya Afuw’vo for 500 times during the days, which means ‘Forgiver.’
  • Do this for 11 days, and you will get Allah’s divine forgiveness, and he will help in increasing love between the spouses.

You can also try another wazifa.

  • First, do ablution and wear clean clothes.
  • Then, read the Ya Wadoodo
  • Next, chant the beautiful name of Al-Ali for 1100 times.
  • Alongside, carry on with your five times daily namaz.

Doing this regularly will eliminate all negative things from your relationship. When you do Ya Wadoodo to attract someone, your goal should be to have stability in your life. In this way, you will be able to keep yourself and everyone else around you joyful and satisfied.

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