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Dua For Success In Immigration

Dua For Success In Immigration, Life brings with itself millions of challenges. Since birth, till we finally bid goodbye, we constantly strive to do better than what we had done before, to achieve more than what we had before. And this ordeal becomes more critical when one comes of age and has to take up the mantle of being the bread earner for the family.

Dua For Success In Immigration

Dua For Success In Immigration

No individual is devoid of the struggle one has to go through to earn a living. And often the promise of a better life compels us to leave our home and travel abroad. If you have found yourself in one such a situation, then you will need the dua for success in immigration.


Traveling abroad for work is a monumental feat to achieve. You will have to deal with not just your country’s government but also the other country’s government. There’s so much red tape that it becomes almost impossible. But by using the dua for success in immigration, you can make it possible.

Powerful Wazifa For Urgent Hajat In 1 Day

Even if you have eventually found a job opportunity after years of waiting and application, it finally comes to the point where you have to depend on the visa for the immigration.

Whether it’s your visa processing that is taking too long or perhaps getting denied time and again. You have to constantly run around to get things done. The money that goes into all this is also not negligible. Plus, the stress and worry it causes to your family members also take a toll on you.

Dua for immigration problems

Perhaps that’s why many of us give up on their dreams. But where there are challenges, there’s Allah to show you the path. Use the dua for immigration problems and overcome all the challenges. Whether it’s just you planning to travel or take your entire family along, the dua for immigration problems can help everyone.

Dua to Live with Husband in Abroad

In the case of the family, it is advisable if every member does the dua for immigration problems. For those who can’t do, there’s a simpler way to ensure Allah’s blessings. For kids and others who can’t do the main ritual, can just recite the following dua to solve immigration problems

Most Powerful Dua for immigration problems:

“Lieelafiqurayshin, Eelafihimrihlataalshshitaiwaalssayfi, FalyaAAbudoorabba hatha albayti, Allazee at ‘amahum min joo’inwaamanahum min khawfin”

Share the above wazifa with all family members and relatives. When everyone collectively starts praying to Allah with one common goal, you will see Allah’s work in action. Soon, you will get good news that you never expected.

Your job opportunities, passports, visa, tickets and even your accommodation abroad will all start falling into place like Allah has dedicated his entire day to shape your life. And when that happens, praise the Allah, bow to him and give your gratitude to him. For he is happy in just seeing his children smile.

Special Dua For Something You Really Want

Allah works by way of miracles and miracles is what you will see happening around you when you walk on Allah’s path and follow his guidance.

However, it is important that you don’t just go to Allah for a deal. Allah’s miracles are reserved for the deserving ones. To be in Allah’s grace, you need to perform all the five namaaz of the day. Be pious and righteous in your daily life.


Perform the following ritual after the Fajr prayer.

  1. Cleanse yourself and do the wudhu.
  2. Recite any two Rakaat Salaat of your choice.
  3. Praise Allah for his blessings and then chant the dua for success in immigration given below.

“laaaailaaaahaaillaalaaaahulhaalemulkaareem. subhaaaanaalaaaahuraabilaarshilaadhem, aalhaamdulilaaaahiraabbil `aalaameen. aas-aalukaamuwjibaaaatraahmaatikaa, waa `aadhaaaaimaamaaghfiraatikaawlghaaneemaat min kulli birr waassaalaaaamaat min kulliithm, laaaataadaa`aaliydhaanbaanillaaaaghaafaaraathwaalaahaammaanillaaaafaarraajtaahwaalaaaahaaaajaataanhiyaalaakaaridhaanillaaaaqaadhaaytaahaayaaaarhaamaarraaaahimeen”

  1. Recite Darood Sharif – 11 times.
  2. Recite Surah Muzammil – 1 time.
  3. Recite Surah Kafiroon – 11 times.
  4. Recite Surah Ikhlas – 11 times.
  5. Recite Surah Falaq – 11 times.
  6. Recite Surah Wannas – 11 times.
  7. Recite Ayat-al-Kursi – 11 times.
  8. Recite Darood Sharif again – 11 times.

The decision to leave home to go abroad is full of challenges. In a foreign land, you will be a total stranger. It helps to have some friends who can guide and help you settle down.

Best dua for immigration

The best approach would be to consult your community and take advice from those who have already achieved what you are aiming for. Consult your local Moulvi.

He may also refer an Islamic Astrologer if need be. Share your dreams and your plan for the future. They will understand your needs better and accordingly suggest how you should go about the best dua for immigration .

The guidance and the support of the community have helped many like you to go and settle abroad. Just use the dua for success in immigration and take regular guidance from your Moulvi and Community.

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