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Dua To Remove Fear From Heart

Dua To Remove Fear From Heart, A fearless heart is a noble one. Where there is no fear there is Allah. Fear is like a disease which makes your heart ill for no reason. There can be a fear of many things. If you have undue fear in your heart, you are tending to worry a lot. Little things will set you to anxiety and you end up freaking out.

Caring is one thing. But, extreme of everything is harmful. Why is that every time, when your children leave home you get overly worried? Spend hours standing in the window waiting for them to safely return. Another name of life is a risk. We all are at all times at a big risk. Life is uncertain and no one knows what might happen the next moment.

Dua To Remove Fear From Heart

Dua To Remove Fear From Heart

Still, we are living and continuing our day to day works. Our faith in Allah keeps our going. Either you can have fear in your heart or faith in the almighty. If all the time you are scared by the thought of the bad. Then ask yourself that you will be able to survive? We all fear something or the other. And life is all about overcoming our limitations.

Dua when afraid of someone

Your fear is making you the most vulnerable. It is the biggest hurdle in your progress. A stop which you soon have to remove. There can be reasons for your fear. You can be scared by your past experiences. There are certain things which might have happened and you do not want them to repeat.

Allah is not unjust to anyone. He doesn’t give us the burden which we cannot bear. What has happened has happened and it will not repeat. Nothing is constant in this life. Every bad phase good phase does come. If you make your fear your constant companion, then you are making your life really difficult.

We are blessed with this life only once. Then why not we live it to the fullest. There can be one thing which haunts you. We all have fears. I have them and many people around us have them. Make it the tiniest part of your life. And, work constantly towards it and remove it from our hearts.

Dua in difficulties and fear

If you have faith in Allah, then there shouldn’t be any place of fear in your life. Your fear will hold you back no matter how hard you try to move forward. For example, we all are afraid of dark places. It is our psychology which forces us to fear the dark. In reality, there is nothing in it.

If you have unwavering faith in Allah, then I am sure you will fear nothing. Our TAQWA makes us strong both internally and externally. If he is constantly with us, then there is no point in getting scared. When you are assured that Allah will protect you always. Then no fear will ever be able to touch you.

Shaitaan resides in your heart constantly in the name of fear. He makes good thoughts go away from your mind. And, forces you to think about the bad all the time. At times we get bothered by that the things which haven’t even happened yet. What lies in the future is only known to Allah?

Dua to remove fear of enemy

You cannot know what is going to happen in the future. Then there is no point in sweating over it. This kind of thoughts scares us all. No matter how much we try to make them go, they come back. Either you can control your fear or it will control you. Before it gets on to you, you should attack it.

Allah the most merciful, is always on guard for us. He is protecting us day and night. And if he is at then there is no point in fearing. Those who fear lack in faith in Allah. So, from this moment on start building your faith in Allah. Make it strong enough that no fear will ever touch you.

All the time we are at the mercy of the Allah- the almighty. If he wants anything could happen to us. But, no matter how bad our thoughts, eventually nothing happens to us. That is the power of Allah. Only he can make things happen to us. So all you need is to strengthen your taqwa in him.

He is our savior and when he is in your heaty then nothing can harm you. Believe me on this. There are many dua in the Quran Shareef which you can do to remove fear from your heart.

Dua to eliminate fear

First of all, if you are in fear constantly. You should recite the “Ayat al Kursi” day and night. It is the most powerful of all. It has many benefits. And once, you start reciting it day and night. You will not fear your enemy or the dark.


You can recite this dua the moment you get the fearful thoughts. This is also known as the Dua-e-Khauf. The dua is as follows:

 “Allah humma inni aj a look fee noorihim wa A’aoo Zoobika min shooroorihim”. Recite the dua abundantly and soon, inshallah you will experience the change in yourself.

Now, do some practical things. Which as the well-minded humans we all should do. We all need to change our perspective. If we change the viewpoint by which we look at things, it will help a lot. You should also channelize your fear in a better way. Become a curious Muslim and not the fearful one.

And most importantly, strengthen your trust in Allah. Your fear is your biggest enemy. Once you get rid of it, then inshallah you will never have to look back in your life. These are some major things which are the reasons for your failures and insecurities.

Now, you know how harmful your fear is to you. Now, you should be getting rid of it soon. May our hearts be strong always and be lit by the light of Allah. Ameen.

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