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Powerful Dua For Disobedient Child

Powerful Dua For Disobedient Child use for A Disobedient Child and To Change Child Behavior, if your have Ziddi Child problem then must use this dua. This is also work To Calm Child and make Good Behavior Of The Child, you can also use it on Disobedient Daughter or Son. This dua make Child Obedient and Pious, in urdu we called this dua as Nafarman Aulad.

Some manage to stay on the path while others get carried away and lose their way. And being a Rebel is being considered as a cool thing among kids, especially teenagers. If you have one such a rebel in the house, then you will need the powerful dua for a disobedient child.

Powerful Dua For Disobedient Child

Powerful Dua For Disobedient Child

Taking away their access to such misguiding content is not going to help. The kids will try other ways to do what they way. No matter, how much you try to control them, they will always find a way to break free. The only right solution is to use the powerful dua for a disobedient child.

As much as possible, try to listen to your child. Figure out what the child’s aspirations are. What motivates or inspires your child? What rationale the child gives for acting in a particular way.

Dua to make your child obedient

This knowledge may not always be comforting and yet times may baffle you. But as long as you understand where the child is going wrong, you will know how to fix it. Then when you are using the dua to make your child obedient, you can focus on the specific issue.

Children often act out brashly to get more attention. At times, the reason for their strange behavior is because they are dealing with some kind of stress and unable to handle it. Knowing the situation solves half the problem. The remaining will be taken care of when you use the dua to make your child obedient.

Parenting may often cause a lot of stress, but it is also one of the most rewarding feelings. If done right, you may be responsible for giving a good human to the world. That is what every parent strives for. Yet, often given the practical priorities of life, Parents end up ignoring the child. They provide food, clothes, and shelter and think their job is done. But a child needs more than just protection.

Every child craves for love and nurturing. When you spend time with your child on a daily basis, the child grows in your shadow. This ensures the child is heavily influenced by your nature and belief system. In your absence, the child is like a creeper that will latch on to any branch, it gets close to. Often these are not the right role models.

And When the child looks up to them, it inadvertently tries to become like them. A good role model is just as important to a child as is mother’s milk. A bad role model can corrupt the minds of a young child and turn them into a rebellion.


To control a rebel child, you must cautiously handle any act of disobedience. There has to be the right balance of love and discipline. And most importantly, you need to have faith that eventually, your upbringing will not fail you.

  • With that said, to begin the ritual, start with a proper Wuzu.
  • Now, pledge your devotion to Allah, by reciting Durood-e-Shareef, continuously for 11 times.
  • Now, recite the following powerful dua for the disobedient child, 1100 times continuously.

litastawoo ‘alaazuhoorihee summa tazkurooni’matarabbikumizastawaitum ‘alaihiwataqooloosubhaanallazeesakhkharalanahaazawamaakunnaalahoomuqrineen wainnaaailaarabbinaalamunqaliboon

  • Now conclude the ritual, by again reciting Durood-e-Shareef, continuously for 11 times.
  • Finally, take a deep breath, pray to Allah to bless your intent and blow into a glass of water.
  • Give this water to your child before he goes to bed.
  • Do this powerful dua for disobedient child daily for 11 days.

It’s natural for the millennial generation to not be spiritually inclined. Yet, it is also the very reason, why many young individuals lose their way. On top of it, the amount of exposure the kids are receiving these days is exhausting. This makes it impossible to stop their mind from getting corrupted.

The only solution is the powerful dua for a disobedient child. While you do this dua for your son, make sure you send him to the local Moulvi for regular spiritual discourse. You can also consult the Islamic Astrologer and get a Taveez made out of the powerful dua for a disobedient child. This Taveez must then be worn by the child.

You may be willing to travel a thousand miles for your child. Yet, some part of the journey must be done by the child only. Until your child understands the teachings of the Holy Quran, no real transformation is going to happen.

Ideally, the child should accompany you while you perform the powerful dua. This will bring a more immediate transformation in the child. Without realizing the child will start listening to you and other elders. Also, the child’s act of rebellion will be curbed over a period of time.

Dua For A Disobedient Child

Dua for the disobedient child, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, this might be an old saying but this is the true and golden words from our experienced legends. Every child must develop good habits and good manners to survive as a responsible adult.

The good habit that has not developed in the beginning stages it will not develop till death. So it is the very important responsibility of every parent to take care of their child activities, behavior, and good habits. The parents are the first teachers who shape out the future of the children in a good way.

However, some parents even after trying a lot to bring good behavior in their children will achieve the only failure. This is not the mistake of parents obviously; there are many factors that determine the behavior of children. The environment, friendship, impact of social media etc are the most important factors that also play an important role in children life.

Few children at the very beginning stage they will never respect their parents. They grow as disobedient children, which is really the most worrying fact for all their parents. When children fail to develop good obedience they cannot survive as a good and responsible citizen. If your children are falling under such category never worry at all. Because this is not too late to stop trying,

Just wake up and try the dua for the disobedient child as this will completely change the behavior of your child and bring him in the right track. Contact the Islamic expert to get the dua for the disobedient child. The expert will suggest you with the amazing dua which will completely change your child and you will have a chance to see amazing behavior in your child he/she will completely become an obedient child and further, they will become responsible and good citizens of the country.

Dua To Change Child Behavior

Dua to change the child behavior, Islamic dua is extremely powerful, when you perform the dua for the fulfillment of particular wish of yours sure it will give you amazing and effective results. Whatever the wish you have in your mind just perform the dua with full concentration and faith on god. Sure you will achieve what you want actually.

Well, coming to the dua to change the child behavior, every child will not take birth with all the good habits or bad habits and behavior. It is the society; family, friends and their lifestyle will determine the behavior of the children. When they grow up in the good family and social environment they will have a great chance to develop good behavior. If they grow up in a poor environment sure it will show a great impact on their behavior as well as their future.

Sometimes even though you give good family and social environment to your kid, they will develop bad behavior due. This may happen to them due to various family and social reasons. However, either it is due to family or society bad behavior in child first affects their parents. As a parent, you cannot see your child getting spoiled in front of your eyes.

You might have tried various ways to change the behavior of your child but in case if you failed in all those steps never worry at all. When all the doors are closed god will open a new and effective door where you can achieve success for sure.

That is through dua to change child behavior when you perform the dua to change your child behavior sure god will help you in changing your child behavior. Contact the Islamic expert to get dua now and perform it on the name of your child sure they will develop good habits and behavior by forgetting the bad behavior.

Dua For Ziddi Child

Dua for ziddi child, ziddi or adamant child, well all the children are adamant in nature. When they stand to ask something and if the parents ignore sure they will stand adamant until they get that thing. Starting from toys to smartphones, well these days no kids will be adamant in the matter of toys. Their mind is fully filled with smartphones. This is the real fact of the present generation, nothing is more important for the kids except mobile phones.

However, there is a limit for everything all the children are adamant in nature but for how long and how much. Nothing is really good when it crosses its limit when you child become extremely adamant, it is really not good for you and their future. You must take necessary action to control this nature of your child just for their well being.

There are some kids even you might have noticed in markets, malls and other public places they highly demand their parents to buy their favorite things at any cause immediately. If not they will create a big drama in that place.

At that moment parents are forcefully pushed to fulfill their wish and this will be most embarrassing for others to see. However, it is the most important responsibility of the parents to stop that behavior, it is ok when they are kids, just think what will happen if they develop the same habit even they grow adult.

To change your adamant child here is an amazing way. The dua for ziddi child is the most powerful dua that will definitely change that nature of your child. Contact the expert to get the dua to change the ziddi child, the expert will suggest you the powerful dua to change the most adamant child. Once you perform the dua sure Allah will change the adamant nature of your child.

Dua To Calm Child

Dua to calm child, these days it is really very difficult for the parents to find out why and for what reason their child is crying. Especially for the fathers, they will never understand why their child is crying or behaving adamant. Even for simple and silly reasons kids will start crying and behave adamant. This is actually not good; most of the elders suggest that crying in the home for simple reasons is really not good for the family members.

This might be difficult to believe but this is 100% true. When the child in the house cries or behaves adamant for simple and silly reasons, it is not really good for the family. Means you will experience any bad thing in your family. As a parent, you must take the necessary steps to control and calm your child and make sure that this behavior of your child does not repeat again for the wellness of your family.

Sometimes when your child is crying for a long time you may suspect that your child is having medical related problems. Even after consulting the doctor and having everything in the right way still if your child cries you must take the help of dua. Because most of the child problems are cured through dua and by taweez locket that is suggested and given by the Islamic experts.

Through Dua, you can get a perfect solution for all your child problems. Contact the Islamic expert who can suggest you amazing and powerful dua to calm your child. You can come across many of experts online and nearby your locality but it is really very difficult to get the genuine expert who can give you tested and proven solution for your child problems. Contact us to get perfect dua to calm your child.

Dua For Good Behavior Of The Child

Dua for good behavior of a child, normally every parent feels happy and proud when their children are appreciated by others. You take your child many places, to relatives and friend houses, public places, parties, and functions; everywhere if your children are praised by others you will feel very happy and proud. However, no one will praise your kids simply, if they are very good in nature, have good behavior and manner they will rule the place.

Good behavior for the children will not come by birth, as a parent, you must teach them what is good and what is bad. Some of the parents are really very lucky as their kids will learn good things easily from them.

parents even after teaching a lot their kids will not able to learn good behavior, this may happen to them due to the outer environment or some other things. kids will have a great influence on their friends who will not respect their parents and behave in a bad manner. By seeing these type of kids even your kids also get spoiled.

No parents will tolerate this when their kid’s behavior is not good. Sometimes they will go to the extreme level and their behavior will be explained by the third person to their own parents. This is a really shameful moment for the parents. If you want to stop all these activities of your kids here is the amazing way the dua for good behavior of the child.

This is one of the best ways to develop good behavior in kids. When you perform this dua on the name of your children sure Allah will help them to behave in a good manner with others and with you too. Contact the Islamic expert to get the dua and perform it with full of faith and concentration.

Dua For Disobedient Daughter

Dua for the disobedient daughter, this is the most powerful dua which will help you to change the disobedient daughter into an obedient daughter. Every father thinks that their baby girls are very precious, right from their birth he will take care of her like his princess. The first person who will be very happy when the girl child is born is the father. The girl child is the most precious gift for every father.

When they grow up they start behaving very weird due to various reasons. get more influenced by the environment, family, and friends. They speaking style will become entirely different. think that they have grown up and they can take care of them easily without the help of their parents. In this case, even if you say a single piece of advice it will taste very better to them.

However, when they grow up a few girls will become more disobedient and the reasons behind this may be countless. Whatever the reason it is, the first person who will get affected by the behavior of their daughter is a father. He cannot tolerate this angle of his daughter. It will be most painful to the parents to see that their baby princess is being disobedient with others and with them too.

As a parent, it is very important for you to explain good and bad for her and you must take the necessary action to change her behavior. Even after trying a lot if your daughter does not become obedient. Here is the amazing way to make her obedient; the dua for the disobedient daughter is one of the powerful ways to change your daughter. Contact the Islamic expert to get the dua to make your daughter obedient. This dua will definitely change the behavior of your daughter.

Dua For A Disobedient Son

Dua for disobedient son is one of the most powerful dua when you perform this dua to make your son obedient; sure he will become most sincere and obedient. Every parent wants their children to behave well, be obedient and respectful with others. No parents wish that their child should come up in a wrong path and in the same way no parent will like when someone come say complaints about their son and his behavior.

Every parent will become very happy when someone comes and praises their son about his nature and behavior. They will really feel proud at that moment. Either it is son or daughter both should develop good manners and should be obedient with elders.

Only then they will get a good name for them and their parents. The ultimate responsibility of every child is to make their parents feel proud in front of others with their nature, behavior, and obedience.

A child with good habits, behavior, nature, and obedience will become to achieve great success and position when they become an adult. That is what every parent expects from their children. Some parents will start educating their children about good manners, behavior, and obedience at the very starting stage. Some will take the time to educate them about all these things.

However, some kids are very fast as they will easily catch their parent’s piece of advice and behave in the same way. Some guys are really hopeless, even after getting so much training from their parents, they will not develop obedience within them.

If your son is doing so here is the amazing method to change your son. The dua for a disobedient son will help your son to become obedient. Contact the Islamic expert to get the dua to make your son obedient. This dua will definitely change the behavior of your daughter.

Dua To Make Child Obedient

Dua to make child obedient, Islamic dua can do wonders in your life. Once you start performing the Islamic dua it will change your entire life. You can perform the Islamic dua for any reason or solve any of your life problems. Coming to the dua to make child obedient, this is one of the powerful dua which will completely change your child when he/she is disobedient.

Every parent wish their kids must be good in all aspect, they should study well, get a good job, must have good nature, they should respect both elders etc. when a parents give birth to their child they even give birth to lots dreams that are related to their children. All their dreams are highly valuable because they are completely related to the well being and good future of their children.

No parent in this world wishes their child to go in the wrong path. When they are toddlers they keep their hand with the great patient to teach them how to walk without falling down. In the same way, when your children grow up they will be very careful in changing the behavior of their children even if they slightly miss the track. This is the great job and sacrifice of every parent.

Some of the parents are really lucky as they have children who will never cross the line. They will be highly obedient, develop good manners, and their behavior is really amazing. Every relative and friend of them will praise their children for all the good they have. Some children will develop a bad attitude and disobedient towards their own parents and others.

Never worry at all as a parent you must maintain patience and teach your child to be obedient with you and others. The dua to make the child obedient will do this amazingly for you. When you perform the dua to make child obedient sure this will change your children to the next level. they will become the most obedient children in your circle.

Dua To Make Child Pious

Dua to make child pious, this is the amazing dua which will develop religious knowledge in your child. Every human being must have a good attachment with his/her religion. The religion of the people is equall as important as their mother.

Religious believes, faith on god, have great devotion towards the gods are equally important for every person. it is the job of parents to explain the religious beliefs to their children with teaching good habits to them.

Every child must have some interest on the devotional side when they become strong in the devotional side sure they will develop good values within them. They will feel good for the family, society, and country as well. here am sharing a most powerful dua which will make your child most pious

” My Lord, grant me from you a good (pure) offspring. Indeed, you are the All-Hearer of invocation.”

رَبِّ هَبْ لِي مِن لَّدُنكَ ذُرِّيَّةً طَيِّبَةً ۖ إِنَّكَ سَمِيعُ الدُّعَاءِ

Perform this dua to make our child obedient and pious. These days we see most of the children will never step forward to step into their religious places. Those children will not even have good behavior, and they are not even obedient towards their family and society. This is really the most worried part for the parents. As parents wish that their children must have to follow only good things in their life.

When they realize that their children are not being in such a way. It will affect more only parents. However, as a parent, it is your duty to change the behavior of your children. Perform the dua to make child pious. This dua will help your child to develop good obedience and be pious in nature. Contact the Islamic expert to get more details about the dua and how to perform the dua in the perfect way to achieve the best results.

Dua For Nafarman Aulad

dua for nafarman aulad, this is the most powerful dua which will change the nafarman aulad into most obedient one. Nafarman means disobedient, when the child disobedient, it hurts most the parents alone. Other than parents the relatives and friends of your parents will be very happy because due to the child’s disobedience parents are the first to get insulted in front of others.

It is really a very difficult moment for every parent to get insulted in front of others when they are pointed out for their children behavior and disobedience. Starting from school to everywhere parents name will be spoiled when the child develop bad behavior and disobedience.

Not every child are same some children are extremely obedient towards their parents, teachers and other elders. They will always follow the instruction of their parent and never try to go out of their limit. Parents who have such type of kids are really lucky. However, no parent in this universe wish bad things for their children and they all teach only good behavior for their children.

However, even after teaching a lot if a child fails to develop good behavior and obedience this is really not the fault of parents but if parents think they can change the behavior of their children with the help of dua.

The Islamic dua re really powerful and they can do wonders in your children’s life. when you perform the dua for nafarman aulad sure this will change the behavior of your children and get them into the right track. Islamic Dua is really amazing and fetches you results instantly when you perform it with faith and full concentration.

Contact the Islamic expert to get the due for the nafarman aulad and perform this dua to make your child most obedient and to get a good name in the family as well as society.

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