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Noori Ilm For Love Marriage

Noori Ilm For Love Marriage, Times are changing fast these days and what seem to be an unheard thing a few years ago has become so common in our society. Still, there are a lot of families around us who look at the whole arrangement of love marriage with shame.

In our community, when the girl and the boy comes to an age, the first task at hand for their parents and relative is to look for a suitable partner for them. Everybody around them has the right and authority to do that but except them and when out of the blue they proposed to have a say they are usually shut down.

Noori Ilm For Love Marriage

Noori Ilm For Love Marriage

Life has unexpected way to approach us all and make all those things happen to us, which we think shouldn’t. the so called right things aren’t always right for us. The partners chosen by your parents and families collectively and after so much of research, they do not prove to be the perfect one.

You have all the right to make the choice for yourself and marriage is indeed a biggest decision of anybody’s life. No body in this world can say with sheer certainty that partners chosen in a love marriage are not suitable, it is just the victimized notion of the families around you and me.

Doing a love marriage is not totally forbidden in Islam provided the two people in love keep their love in the boundaries of legitimacy. Being in love can be the best feeling in one’s life. When you have that one person in your life who means the world to you, whose existence make your world full of peace and love, then you would certainly want to spend your entire life with him or her.

Noori ilm for love

But, unfortunately things don’t always go the way we want them to be. The person you are in love with most of the times is not accepted by your family and no matter how much you try to convince them or go to any length to assure them that this person is right for you. They just don’t agree and your mutual stubbornness makes the matter worse.

It is like standing at the middle of the road where at one end is your family and on the other end is your lover and you don’t want to leave any of them. Thus, the period which should be full of happiness and joy for you becomes one that of hell. In such cases Allah is the all-time solution to all our problems.

He is the most merciful being and will never like to see you in pain. When in such trouble I suggest to reach out to him and ask him to deliver you from this pain. He will show the right way through which you can have both your family and your lover by your side. A legitimate and sincere dua can act as the tool through which you can reach out to him and call for his help.

But, sometime all we have is limited time and we need some urgent miracle to happen to fix things at our end. It can be, that either your family is forcibly trying to get you married to someone else and that too, in the hurry or you are caged and not allowed to go anywhere.

There are some other solutions too, provided your intentions are right and whatever you are asking for is legitimate. Ill and evil conducts and actions can never be supported by anything serene and pure. Here is on such solution for you:


Noori Ilm in English can be translated as the candle power. Something which is illuminating and is meant to shine in the dark. If we move away from the literal meaning, then it can be taken as something which is powerful enough to make the dark go away. Its reference is found in the Ruhani ilaj and the solution to its masail.

This might not sound purely Islamic but it is indeed legitimate as you can use it to have something which is not right. Remember always that Allah is the supreme power and the true commander of this universe. Not a leaf turn without his permission then how could you expect something which is not right fundamentally to happen. So, the key hear is to keep your intention clean.

Noori ilm by the scholars is taken to be as the light of the lamp and may its purpose is to make the dark go from people’s lives.

Noori ilm can be used to convince parents to agree to make you do the love marriage and have their support in that case. But, it is not possible for any normal person to do it or learn it. This can be done by that person only who has control over any unworldly being like Jinns.

The existence of Jinn is mention in Islam and Quran and even they have two kinds of categories. There are negative and positive jinns and since they are another specie created by Allah, they are also the one who have faith in Allah.

But such affairs are risky and should be done by someone who is alim and knows the procedure. And, if it is possible then it will certainly help you out and facilitate your deliverance from your trouble. And, also there are chances that you might fall in a trap, so here follow your instincts as no right man will tell you to do something which is not right.

As you cannot do this on your own and will need the help of someone else. So here is some suggestion from my side, go for these things only when there is no other option left to you and your family and parents are not listening to you.

As it is the world full of hoax and not easy to find our who is the real person, then it is better to think about such things twice. May Allah be merciful enough to listen to you first and solve your issues. I wish you get the answer here. Allah be with you always. Ameen.


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