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Rohani Ilaj For Acne

Rohani Ilaj For Acne/pimples, Before we get to discuss the Rohani ilaj for acne, let’s first answer if it is at all necessary.

It’s been said, beauty is skin deep, and one should look deeper into the soul for real beauty. But how many do follow this wisdom? It’s an undeniable fact that the first impression is from the appearance, which dictates if there will be any further interactions between the two individuals.

Rohani Ilaj For Acne

Rohani Ilaj For Acne

The harsh reality of life is that we all are whether we admit it or not, driven and influenced by beauty. Physical Appearance subconsciously dictates how we feel about another person.

Men especially the educated ones will often state that they value substance over style or rather inner beauty over physical appearance. But it’s one thing to say and another thing to believe. A man would stare at a beautiful face long enough to be noticed but when he comes across a face covered with pimples and acne, he wouldn’t even give a second look.

Women are aware of this mentality by default and it is perhaps why we see women so concerned and obsessed over their physical appearance. And one of the issues that stress a woman is the acne and boils on the faces. Why wouldn’t then a woman wants to use the Rohani ilaj for acne?

Wazifa for removing pimples

After all, before a man could know her enough to love her for who she is, shouldn’t he first have to indulge in her. And that cannot happen for a woman whose face is filled with acne. Naturally, she would want to use the wazifa for removing pimples and have a clear, clean face so she stands a fair chance of man’s love.

If you are facing similar situation; if your face is riddled with acne, pimples and boils then it is time that you try the wazifa for removing pimples.

In love the first thing a man admires is the face, then comes the eyes and hair. A woman’s beauty has forever enamored men. And men have written sonnets in Ode of her beauty.

A face that is marred with acne and dark spots would never have influenced such elaborate poetries in any literature. It’s a smoothness of the face that excites and inspires men. To ensure your face is clean of any impurities you must use the wazifa for removing pimples.

Beauty has always enamored the souls and has blinded the beholder to all the other flaws of an individual. For beautiful women, things to get easy as everyone wants to please them.

It is why many beautiful women are employed as the Front Desk Executives in the Hospitality industry. So, it’s not just for love and affection for the other person but also for career advancement, one needs to appear beautiful and hence must use the Rohani ilaj for acne.

In many cultures, there is a ritual of seeing the bride’s face for the first time. The in-laws and their relatives gather around the bride and the in-laws proudly flaunt the bride’s face in a very customary fashion.

This ritual is a proof that beauty is so deep-rooted in our psyche that it influences how another person treats you. Imagine having an acne issue on the most important day of your life such as marriage. Would you rather go through the day bearing acne on the faceor use the Rohaniilaj for acne?


To cure your face of acne and dark spots, follow the process given below.

  1. Firstly, start with doing proper wuzu.
  2. Recite Darood Shareef, once.
  3. Then go on to reciting the below dua once, wholeheartedly.

allahunooru-samaawaatiwalardi. masaloo nooriheekamish kaatinfeehamisbaahun. al misbaahu fee zujaajatin. kaa-annahaakawk abundurriyyunyuqadoo min shajaratin- mubarakatin zaytoonatin-la sharqiy yatinwalagharbiy yatinyakaa duzaytoohayudeeoo walaw lam tamsas-hoonaarun. noorun ‘ala noorin. yahdiya-allahu li noorihee man-yashaaoo. wayazribuallahu-l amsaalaalinnaasi. wa-allahubikulli shay in ‘aleem.

  1. Then, chant the holy name of Allah T’ala“YaRaqeebu”, about 300 times without taking a break.
  2. Then blow into your palm and gently rub the palm over your face, covering every affected area.
  3. Do this Rohani ilaj for acne for 7 consecutive days.

NOTE:Women can perform this process even during their menses.

Dua for removing pimples and marks

As you begin with the dua for removing pimples and marks ritual, you will see the transformation taking place and your face will feel softer and look brighter. In severe cases, the ritual has to be continued longer.

Suppose In case the acne or dark spots are more prominent and deeper rooted, it could be due to impurities in the blood. In such a case, to cure your blood.

You can also consult an Islamic Astrologer, who would examine your situation and accordingly suggest a more advanced dua for removing pimples and marks. You may even be asked to wear an energized Taveez for a certain period.

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