Ruqyah To Destroy Enemies 5/5 (7)

Ruqyah To Destroy Enemies

Ruqyah To Destroy Enemies or for protection from enemies can be use to get rid of enemy. Use our ruqyah to punish enemy. A lot of people surround us. And mostly, most of them have a double face. So in front of you, they will praise your success. But, I will hate you and think badly about you on your back.

Ruqyah To Destroy Enemies

Ruqyah To Destroy Enemies

Because of their double behavior, you will not doubt them. But they are like hidden enemies. They are evil. So to destroy you, they will hurt you. And that too in disguise. So now the question is how to protect yourself from such people as it is a known fact that Allah is merciful. And he takes care of his children. So there is ruqyah to destroy enemies.

There is dua for asking mercy of Allah. But ruqyah to destroy enemies is much powerful. And Allah answers the prayer immediately. So ruqyah to destroy enemies is unique. Because the person cries while performing ruqyah, and it is not due to pain. But that person is so concentrated and immersed in prayer. That he forgets about the surrounding. And becomes a child. You can sick enemy using wazifa to make enemy sick.

When the child wants something desperately, they cry. And ruqyah to destroy enemies makes you vulnerable like a child as parents listen to kids immediately. So, in the same way, Allah listens to your ruqyah urgently. Because you do not know who is causing you losses, so it is very important to recite ruqyah to destroy enemies as soon as possible. We do not want to hurt them unnecessarily. But if they cause you problems, praying Allah can help.

Ruqyah For Protection From Enemies

Ruqyah For Protection From Enemies, Allah protects them who ask for his shelter. There is ruqyah to destroy enemies, for the people who trouble you. But some people, by Allah’s mercy, are not that vindictive. And they do not want to destroy the enemy. For them, there is a ruqyah for protection from enemies.

This is a special type of prayer. So it does not do any harm to the enemy. But the ruqyah for protection from enemies protects you from them. And Allah is very helpful for such people. Because such disciples of Allah do not intend to harm even their enemy, so when the recite ruqyah for protection from enemies. Allah immediately offers his protection.

A ruqyah to destroy enemies is no doubt powerful. But ruqyah for protection from enemies is much effective because you ask for protection and do not intend to hurt the enemy. So it is Allah’s law. You do good deeds; you will receive good rewards. And if you do bad deeds, you will suffer. It is a common law for everyone. To protect from enemies you can use our surah kausar for enemies.

But intentionally hurting anyone is bad. And that is when the suffered person gets Allah’s mercy. All he has to do is pray. He was so reading holy books and praying Allah at least five times a day. And asking for his mercy. Especially to protect you from the enemy. All will help. You will receive Allah’s protection within no time. And for those who wish to destroy the enemy. Especially the one who hurt you.  Reciting of ruqyah to destroy enemies will help.

Ruqyah To Get Rid of Enemy

Ruqyah To Get Rid of Enemy, Some people believe in peace. They cannot even harm their enemy. So it is meher of Allah that such a person have only love in their hearts. They do not want to recite ruqyah to destroy enemies because it will cause harm to their enemies! So for them, ruqyah to get rid of the enemy can work.

But the world full of double-faced people. Most of the enemies might be within the family. The people who want to hurt you. All those are your enemies. And the people who are jealous of you are your enemies too. So you do not want to perform ruqyah to destroy enemies. But you can always get rid of them. The ruqyah to get rid of the enemy is for that purpose only.

Because you get rid of the enemy, your progress will not be disturbed. And success will come to you by Allah’s mercy. The ruqyah to get rid of an enemy is like telling Allah to protect you. And once you receive Allah’s protection, nobody can harm you. By reciting ruqyah to get rid of the enemy. Or ruqyah to destroy enemies. Blessings will shower on you by Allah.


Reciting this verse can help you performing ruqyah to destroy enemies. But there are certain steps to follow. Like the place needs to be clean and isolated. Reciting needs to be at least one hundred times. The prayer must go on non-stop so that Allah will protect you.

Ruqyah To Punish Enemy

Ruqyah To Punish Enemy, Allah is a controller. He decides right and wrong deeds. We all are just kids of him. And that is why we cannot do anything on our own. But we need Allah’s help. Suppose a person does something wrong. Then Allah will punish him. But you cannot punish him by yourself.

And that is why there is ruqyah to destroy enemies. There is also a ruqyah to punish the enemy. Because you cannot punish your enemy alone, so by quoting ruqyah to punish the enemy, you are asking Allah to help you. And Allah will only help you if you compete for two main criteria.

So first is quote ruqyah to punish enemy by a clean and pure heart. And second, pray to Allah with full concentration, faith, and trust. The quoting of ruqyah to punish the enemy is just a prayer. And now, how Allah will punish him is all according to his wishes. Use our dua to seek protection from hardships and enemies and stay away from all types of enemies.

But you cannot tell the punishing ways to Allah. A ruqyah to destroy enemies will destroy the enemy. But how? It depends on Allah. Because Allah knows what is in every person’s mind, so he knows the ways to punish or destroy them. So all you have to do is recite ruqyah to destroy enemies. Pray to him and tell him that you have complete faith in him. Whatever you do will be for the good of me. And in this way, Allah will know that you trust him and have faith in him. And then he will look after you.

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