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Wazifa To Get Spiritual Powers
Wazifa To Get Spiritual Powers

Wazifa To Get Spiritual Powers

Wazifa To Get Spiritual Powers, While the majority of people spend their lives chasing material pleasures, there are few who seek spiritual awakening. These are people who are more aligned with Allah as their inclinations are already set on the path of Allah. To these people, Allah grants his special mercy, for these are his favorite ones.

Perhaps that’s why Allah has made it simpler for the spiritual seekers to attain their goals. Through the Quran, Allah has given ways to attain spiritual powers. All one has to do is religiously perform the wazifa to get spiritual powers.

Wazifa To Get Spiritual Powers
Wazifa To Get Spiritual Powers

The path to spiritual growth is the most challenging of all human endeavors. Humans can achieve materialistic ambitions in life. Whoever strives hard and is dedicated to one’s goal is able to fulfill one’s dream. But the Spiritual journey is destined to very few. Not all the seekers of the Spiritual Awakening find their way. Many get lost and misguided. But for those, who use the wazifa to get spiritual powers, there’s no failure.

Wazifa for roohani power

You can chase all the worldly pleasures of life, but eventually, you see the futility of it all. True Happiness comes from within us. When we live a conscious existence following the path of Allah, we are ensuring that we are constantly in Allah’s grace. That radiating light of Allah’s aura purifies our soul.

This helps us transcend the material plane and see Allah’s universe in a whole new light. And the good thing about Spiritual Awakening is that it doesn’t disconnect you from the world. Rather, you can return to the world as a more conscious and wiser person. They will seek your guidance for in you they will see the reflection of Allah.


  1. Do this wazifa before you retire to bed.
  2. Sit in a calm place and begin by doing a proper wuzu.
  3. Now, recite the following wazifa to get spiritual powers

allahummayarabbaibraheemayamoosawarabba is-‘haaqawaya’aqoobawarabbajibraeelawarabbamikaeelawarabbaisrafeelawarabbaizraeelamunaz-zilut-tawraatawalinjeelawaz-zaboorawalfurqaana-l ‘azeemaarini fi manaami ma fihi-l khairaatu with your intention, whatever you will want to see in the dreams.

  1. Now, pray to Allah for his blessings and go to bed. When you lie down to make sure you are resting on the right-hand side.
  2. Now, before you close your eyes and go to sleep, chant the dua –

“nabbaaniy-al ‘aleemul ‘khabeer”

  1. Chant the above wazifa to get spiritual powers until you fall asleep.

Additionally, you can extend the wazifa to get spiritual powers, by doing the following ritual –

  • Recite “Bismillah” continuously 3125 times. Repeat this process 100 times daily for 40 days.

Wazifa to know hidden things

As you continue reciting Allah’s name, your entire being will undergo transformation and you will become a vessel to absorb the greatness of Allah. With the wazifa to know hidden things, you will gain the wisdom of the universe and understand Allah’s work much better than any other mortal.

It would of course help if you seek regular guidance from your local Moulvi or Islamic Astrologer. These are men who have dedicated their entire life towards Spiritual Growth. They are on the same path as you but way ahead. So, they can guide you on what pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure, you stay on the right path.

Dua to find hidden treasure

The Islamic Astrologer can also suggest you other variations of the dua to find hidden treasure. And if you prefer wearing a Taveez, he can with his years of experience and knowledge to perform the wazifa to get spiritual powers and energize the Taveez for you.

Spirituality and Religion go hand in hand. Religion is an attempt to ensure humans stay on the Spiritual Path. We are not just put on earth, to eat, sleep and have fun. Allah’s design is divine. He has put humans on this earth so he can watch them grow into a more evolved being. And he has made sure that those who seek him, can find him. All the seeker needs to do is follow the religion.

Do the obligatory 5 times daily prayers. Indulge in kind acts such as charity and helping another fellow in need. When such a pious individual uses the wazifa to get spiritual powers, Allah ensures the wish is granted.

Dua For Dushman Ki Zuban Bandi

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